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Corduroy Rib Bath Towel Collection

Absorption, of course, is the primary function of any Canningvale towel when it comes into contact with water. To enhance what’s possible with cotton, and to allow for a new dimension in touch and quick dry technology, we have re-designed our Canningvale Corduroy Rib Towel Collection. This began by re-engineering the towel from the yarn up, delivering a perfect tension between the weft, the warp and the pile. This balanced tension allows the loops to be as upright as possible, enabling the towel to capture moisture and freely transfer it to its base, leaving the loops free to dry more. When using the Canningvale Corduroy Rib Towel, the lightweight design will move freely around the body and hands allowing for minimal effort and maximum absorption.
It’s unique number of picks and ends achieve the ideal weight which to allow the towel to absorb up to 20% of its own weight in water before it begins to feel damp. If the towel is soaked, it can absorb up to 24 times that. Canningvale’s Corduroy Rib Towel Collection is designed to look and feel like a familiar towel, yet with its carefully re-engineered construction working in tandem with our talented design team, it delivers something extraordinary. A functional and fast drying bathing experience that you can rely on.