Extra Large Beach Towels

Introducing our most luxurious beach towels yet, this seasons Deluxe Cotton Velour towels are generously over- sized and indulgent. Perfect for those who appreciate a big soft luxury beach or pool towel.

These are sumptuous extra large beach towels with a silky smooth cotton velour on one side for the ultimate in comfort, and soft cotton terry loops on the other ensuring excellent absorbency at all times, whenever you need it.

Our Deluxe Cotton Velour Beach towels available online make a beautiful gift for that special occasion or be kind and treat yourself, for your enjoyment out and about this summertime.

Beach Tip: When you are at the beach on the sand, ensure you always place the velvety veloured side of the beach towel down directly onto the sand, with the cotton terry loops side facing upwards- (gentle and soft on your skin when you lay on it). This is because the veloured side of the towel has been carefully sheared and won’t hold or trap the sand to it. When you are ready to go, carefully lift your towel and shake well, most of the sand will fall away.