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Cold Sleepers

At Canningvale, we bring together premium-quality materials to craft a range of bed linen products that can help cold sleepers keep warm at night. Browse through our collection of bedsheets, quilts, pillows and blankets tailored-fit for cold sleepers.

Are you a natural cold sleeper or do you usually have a hard time falling asleep or have an interrupted bedtime during colder months? Whether you’re the first or the latter, we have a range of bed linen products that can help you keep warm so you can get an optimal quality of sleep that your body needs. 


Made from 100% brushed cotton with a plush 180gsm, Canningvale's CoziCotton™ Flannelette Sheet Sets are delightfully thick, soft, fluffy and designed to keep you comfortable and cosy, even on the coldest nights. 


For those who are looking for bed linen with exceptionally curable and heavy feel, the Mille 1000 Thread Count 100% Cotton Bed Linen Collection would not disappoint. The 1000 thread count sateen weave offers a silky smooth finish, wonderful lustre and suitable for cold sleepers. 


And to complete the bedroom ensemble, why not pair your thick sheets with quilts that have high warmth rating and luxury fur throws.

And to further warm you up, head over to our blog and discover six simple ways to warm up in bed if you’re a cold sleeper.