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Super King Bedding

At Canningvale, we put emphasis on ensuring you have the right foundations for a healthy and restful night's sleep. We know how the tug of war in the night or partner disturbance due to tossing and turning can impact your rest. Luckily, super king quilts, sheets and mattresses are here so you can get more space even while sleeping on the same bed with your loved one.

Canningvale’s Super King Bedding Collection is composed of luxurious yet affordable bed linen and mattress that will help turn your ordinary king sized bed into a more comfortable one. Whether you’re looking for super king bed sheets, super king quilt covers, quilts, toppers, underlays, or mattresses, we’ve got you covered.

Similar to all our products, you can rest assured that our super king bedding has been made with the finest material and subjected to a rigorous quality assurance process. This is to give you the best and durable sleep companion that will last for years. Our super king quilt covers and sheets also come in different colours and designs that will sit well with your dream bedroom whether you're striving for a monochrome or colourful look. Find out more about why you should switch to super king on the Canningvale blog.