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10 Reasons You Need a Throw in Your Life

Posted by The Canningvale Team on

Throws are one of our favourite soft furnishings. They’re functional, beautiful and versatile, which is one adjective more than we can apply to most other things in our homes (sorry fridge). If you thought the only benefit of throws was their ability to keep you warm, keep reading. We’ve got nine more reasons these pieces of fabric should feature in your bedroom, living room and even outdoors.

Canningvale’s Royale Luxury Knit Throw Collection

1. They're warm and snuggly

While these two qualities probably come as no surprise, they sure make curling up on the sofa with a good book or settling in for a lazy night of TV much more enticing. Afternoon naps in your favourite chair also take on a cosy new angle when you’re wrapped up in a soft cotton throw. If you need any more convincing on this front, research has consistently shown that being wrapped in a soft, warm blanket helps us feel secure, comforted and safe; just like a really good hug.

2. They can also keep you cool

This might seem counterintuitive, but the right throw on the right surface will do wonders. For example, adding a cotton throw to your leather couch will allow you to make sweaty, sticky summer day legs a thing of the past by putting a layer of breathable fabric between you and the leather cushioning. Similarly, draping a light coloured cotton throw over a chair that gets the midday sun will provide a much cooler surface for you to sit on, drawing once again on cotton’s breathability and the physics of heat absorption.

Royale Luxury Knit Throw - Oceano

3. They’re pick-up-and-moveable

Unlike blankets, which are usually tucked in tightly to the edges of your bed, throws are - as their name suggests - most often slung on top of things. This means you can take their aforementioned qualities with you as you move between rooms, enjoying benefits such as a reduced reluctance to get out of bed on chilly mornings.

4. They’re perfect for outdoors

Thought throws were only for beds and sofas? Think again. They’re ideal for outdoor settings, adding a soft cushion to hard surfaces and providing an extra layer for windy days and cool evenings. This makes them ideal for the change of seasons when temperatures are more likely to fluctuate.

5. They’re a quick and easy style update

Why paint the walls or buy new furniture when you can update your room with fresh accessories? It’s cheaper, easier and can have just as much impact. Pick blue tones to add cool, calming vibes for summer and consider interesting patterns or textures to add another level of punch to your overall look. If you need some inspiration, have a look at our recent chat with Marissa Woodham - the stylist behind Style. Create. Inspire. - and see what she did with our beautiful Valentini Throw.

Royale Luxury Knit Throw - Valentini

6. They help set the mood of a room

Good design is all about ambience and a cleverly chosen throw can help you set it just right. Throws with looser knits can be draped haphazardly over chairs and sofas to create a laid back energy while throws with a more classic finish can be neatly folded over the foot of the bed for a sophisticated feel. Find the best fit for your room from our versatile collection.

7. You can use them as additional bedding when necessary

Freakishly cold night? Last minute house guests? Someone snoring on the sofa? Grab the throw from the couch and layer up for extra warmth, happily avoiding the inevitable refolding process that comes from rifling through your linen cupboard in search of a back-up blanket.

8. Everyone on The Block is doing it

This season’s bedroom reveals have given us some serious interior inspiration, from the wallpaper to the fittings and the beautifully presented beds. Take a look back over recent episodes and notice how well the teams have used throws to add texture, colour and a sense of comfort to their rooms.

Royale Luxury Knit Throw - Artigiano

9. They make great gifts

Throws are the perfect present for anyone moving into a different space, whether it’s younger friends and relatives leaving home for the first time or older folk moving into retirement villages or nursing homes. Unless you know their space and colour scheme, pick a neutral tone and focus on feel and quality. A soft cotton piece that wears well will always become well-loved.

10. They can complete a colour scheme

Often one good piece is all that stands between a room that feels a little chaotic and one that feels wonderfully cohesive. If you have a few colours competing for dominance, help one win the battle by adding a throw in the same hue.

Canningvale royale luxury knit throw argento

And there you have it: ten excellent reasons you need a throw in your life. If you’d like to start your throw collection or update your existing one, have a look at our new range of throws. They’re crafted from premium cotton for softness and breathability, suit a range of rooms and styles, and have been made to last, ensuring your comfort for many years to come. 

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