4 Colours To Add To Your Bedroom This Summer

4 Colours To Add To Your Bedroom This Summer

Posted by The Canningvale Team on 20th Dec 2019

When it comes to selecting the colour of your new quilt cover it’s very easy to go for white, grey or neutrals, but sometimes it's fun to bring in a colour you wouldn't typically think of.

1. Deep Blue

Ideal for white or light coloured walls, this deep blue colour instantly creates a look of sophistication and style. All great year-round colour, this shade of blue is no longer just appearing in teenage boys' rooms, but also in beautiful, modern bedrooms. To lighten it up for Summer you can pair it with white sheets, or pale grey accessories and a touch of greenery beside the bed never goes astray.

2. Soft Pink

For those who gravitate towards anything pink, this pretty hue creates a calm, relaxed bedroom look. Being a little more subtle and serene than bright or hot pink, you can usually convince your partner that it’s not that girly to get it across the line. You can pairing this colour with white and grey accessories to create what we call the 'Neapolitan' of bed linen.

3. Dusk Red

Red may not be a colour that you'd instantly think to use for your bedroom, but this dusk red changes everything. If you have a white quilt cover, use dusk red sheets underneath to bring something a little different to the look or be brave and choose red for your quilt cover. An absolute winner if you like to create relaxed, boho vibes.

4. Misty Blue

A fantastic option if you’re looking to style a gender-neutral bedroom, this misty blue colour is light and calming, reminiscent of cool ocean hues. The beauty of this colour is that it can look very different depending on the light in the room. See below how the same colour bed linen can look quite different depending on the room. 

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