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6 Tweaks To Get Your Outdoor Space Ready For The Cooler Months

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Just because winter is coming, it doesn’t mean you have to batten down the hatches and hibernate inside until September. With a few simple tweaks, your outdoor living space can be transformed into an area you can comfortably enjoy all year-round, even when the nights are chilly.

Tweak #1: Add shelter

If your outdoor space is open air, look into weather-proofing solutions. Better roofing, retractable blinds, or roll-down plastic sheeting offer protection from the wind and rain, allowing you to go alfresco, whatever the weather. You’ll also find these additions come in handy over the warmer months, keeping you shady on hot days and sheltered from summer storms.

Tweak #2: Heat your space

Outdoor heaters are your best friend in winter. While you can install infrared heaters in the ceiling, portable café varieties are just as effective at creating warmth and adding ambience.

Tweak #3: Introduce a little hygge

Hygge’s become a buzzword in recent years, inspiring people the world over to take a leaf out of the Danish way of life and fit a little cosiness into every day… especially the chilly ones! Achieve hygge in your outdoor space by adding throws, blankets, and cushions to your seating, encouraging people to snuggle up when they sit down. If you’re worried they’ll get dirty if left on your seats between use, store them in a wicker basket nearby to keep them protected. Further enhance the sense of hygge by lighting a candle or two when you’re using the space. The soft yellow light is reminiscent of a warm fireplace or cosy campfire and will add a touch of magic to your evening.

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Tweak #4: Invest in soft furniture

As well as looking beautiful, upholstered furniture is much warmer and more comfortable than its metal or plastic counterparts. The best outdoor furniture should replicate your indoor style, offering plump cushions, textured fabrics, and a sense of permanency. As well as a comfy couch, stately sofa, or distinguished dining setting, consider adding a thick rug underfoot to keep toes warm and toasty. A great outdoor space exists as an extension of the rest of the house, so don’t let yourself be limited by the idea of being in your backyard.

Tweak #5: Improve your lighting

The right lighting can have a huge impact on your space, transforming it from a cold and out of season area into an enticing night time wonderland. String fairy lights across the ceiling, light candles on the table, hang lanterns from the greenery, and add some task lighting in key areas (such as around your table or near the door that leads inside). As with most lighting projects, creating a layered look will serve you best, providing adequate illumination while keeping things soft and moody.

Tweak #6: Add evergreens

Add visual warmth and counteract the winter chill with plants that look lush year-round. Lavender, conifers, and succulents maintain their colour and lustre throughout the chillier months, making them all excellent options.

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