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7 Easy Design Updates For Spring

Posted by The Canningvale Team on

Spring is now well and truly here, bringing its crowd pleasing mix of longer days, higher temperatures and beautiful blooms. It’s a time of refocusing or reinvention for many of us as we emerge from our winter woollies, reluctant early morning exits from bed and hearty casserole Tuesdays into a world that’s suddenly all about shorts, sunrise walks and beachside BBQs. With all these changes and awakenings going on, it’s not uncommon to get the urge to make some tweaks to your home so it better caters for and better reflects the new season. If this sounds like you, read on. We’ve compiled a great collection of easy updates for your home that will feel positively spring-like and won’t break the bank.

1. Go bright

Nothing says spring like a fresh burst of colour. There are hundreds of ways to add new hues to your home, from scatter cushions to artwork and beautiful big vases of flowers. For best effects from spring brights, look to pick up on colours that are already present in the space or swap out existing accent colours for new ones. If your rooms get too rainbow, they’ll confuse your eye and lose their impact. If you’re unsure how many colours is too many, the 60-30-10 rule might be a handy point of reference. As you may have guessed, it suggests picking three colours for each room and using them proportionally across 60% (your primary colour), 30% (your secondary colour) and 10% (your accent colour) of the space. In the living room, this might translate to grey walls and a grey couch, pink feature artwork and scatter cushions, and a copper coffee table and reading lamp. If you have a room that’s more tonal than this example, consider adding just a little peek of colour to brighten things up. If you’re looking to execute this idea in the bedroom, try our Palma Teal Contento Cotton Sheet Sets on for size. They’re rich, vibrant and give just the right amount of pop.

Contento 100% Cotton Sheet Sets

2. Rearrange

Repositioning furniture or swapping artwork between rooms is the most cost-effective way to update your home. Give your bed a new outlook, move the dining room rug into the lounge or switch your chaise around to create a more defined living space. If you haven’t tried it before, we’re willing to wager you’ll be pleasantly surprised by just how big an effect a few simple manoeuvres can have.

3. Paint your front door

Give yourself something new to look at every time you come home by adding a coat of paint to your front door. While bright colours always leave a lasting impact, it doesn’t have to be a smack in the face kind of colour to read well. Consider a powder blue or a fresh white to create a crisp, clean look, or opt for blue-black for bold sophistication.

4. Bring the outdoors in

Try cultivating a mini herb garden in your kitchen, turning your birdbath into a tabletop planter, transforming a vintage birdcage into a work of art, or changing your window coverings to allow more of that glorious spring sunshine to stream on in. You can also look at adding more natural materials like wood and stone to your rooms, either through new furniture or clever accessories.

5. Switch heavy fabrics for lighter ones

This goes for everything from throws to bedding and - if you're feeling up to it - curtains. Put chunky wools and heavy flannelettes safely away in the cupboard for next year, opting for linens, cottons and lightweight silks. If we may be so bold, we strongly suggest looking into our Vintage Softwash range for spring-friendly cotton that looks incredibly fresh and feels wonderfully soft to touch.

6. Update your tableware

Spring is the season of Sunday BBQs and sunset drinks so make the most of it with some new items for the kitchen. Opt for colours or designs that make you think of long, sunny days, like fresh green, sunny yellow, or picnic blanket gingham.

7. Spruce up your outdoor furniture

Rattan, cane and whitewashed wood are ideal for spring, lending your patio or backyard a relaxed, open feel. Add bright outdoor cushions to enhance the look and add comfort and, if you’re a bit of a green thumb and the proud owner of a pergola, consider planting some pretty creepers that will transform into a beautiful natural canopy. If you often entertain in the evening, consider buying new outdoor lighting. Fairy lights add a magical edge, sprawling feature lights add style and dimmable spotlights boast enviable function, providing ideal lighting for late night drinks and is-that-a-fly-on-my-steak dinners.

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