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8 Tips To Get Summer Ready In Style

Posted by The Summer Inspo Lady on

With the warm weather on its way and summer just around the corner I thought I would share with you some of my summer ready tips. The transition from cuddly knits to clingy dresses is a bit much for anyone. To help with the shock of it all please read the following:

Firstly I always buy a new bikini which gets me excited and motivates me to EXERCISE.

Exercise is my number one go to in getting summer ready.

Normally I like to shake up my weekly exercise routine and do a mix of cardio and strength. To achieve this...

TIP 1. A lot of places offer FREE TRIALS. This is a great way to save cash, change up your workout, go for road trips and visit new areas.

TIP 2. Exercise can be effortless. Walk to work instead of drive, before you know it you have reached your recommended 10,000 steps for the day.

TIP 3. Write down a quote for inspo. For example “Summer booties are made in Winter,”… although we are a little past winter let’s just go with that!

TIP 4. If all else fails get bronzed! A fake tan brings out muscle definition so you instantly look more toned.

TIP 5. Next I like to change my house up a bit - take the winter bedding off and put summer sheets on. Working at Canningvale I will probably opt for the Vintage Softwash Cotton Sheet Set in white. White is an awesome summer colour and personally makes me feel clean, chic and summer ready.

Vintage Softwash Cotton Sheet Set

The new season also calls for a good wardrobe clean out.

At this time of year I normally start putting away my puffa jackets and replace my hangers with my new season purchases!

TIP 6. Also chew some juicy fruit. Did you know, melons apparently are a perfect hot weather food? According to nutritionists they hydrate without bloating.

TIP 7. Get juicing….start using that blender you have had sitting on the bench for 6 months. I like to introduce a juice as my daily breakfast and move away from my winter routine of multi grain toast with organic peanut butter ☹.

TIP 8. Lastly I always invest in my beauty routine! Go and get a pedicure. There is nothing better than slipping on your new sandals with an equally shiny new pedi to match. Buy a new lipstick and get your hair done.

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