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A Bedding Makeover You Need In Your Life

Posted by Canningvale Team on

Canningvale Palazzo Royale Sheets

1000 Thread count. (Nicee)

Wrinkle Resistant. (OoOoohh)

Exceptionally Low Pill. (Yay?)

The Palazzo Royale 1000TC Premium Blend Sheet Sets. They are low pill. Don’t know what low pill is? Neither do I and I work for a linen company. But! I have Googled it, so you don’t have to. It means that it doesn’t pill easily.

“Pilling is a surface defect of textiles caused by wear, and is considered unsightly.”

-Wikipedia, via Google.

A pill is a small ball of excess fibres that forms on fabric; you know those little balls of fluff? The dust bunny things than form all over a woolly jumper? They can happen to your bed sheets too. It makes them considerably less soft and luxurious, and I’ve heard from a very reliable source that it also makes them unsightly. But not if you have Palazzo, a sheet set named Royal Palace that promises nothing less than the royal treatment.

Now you know why you want low pill, I doubt I have to tell you why 1000 Thread Count is impressive. But I’m going to anyways! Thread count refers to how many threads are woven vertically and how many are woven horizontally, and is the full sum of which is the thread count i.e. 1000TC. The higher the thread count the more substantial the sheet.

“But if it’s a heavier sheet how is there less chance of pilling?” (I hear you say). Well, it’s a blend. “A Blend? But I want 100%!” (Shhh angry bedding fairy). Even if its full cotton, unless you are purchasing certified Egyptian Cotton, is very hard to tell what standard or grade the cotton is. Which means it’s not necessarily better if it is 100% cotton.

Our Palazzo Royale sheet is a Cotton/Polyester blend which is a fantastic low-cost option, whilst maintaining a high thread count. They are – and I’ll be tooting Canningvale’s own horn here - the most durable and wrinkle resistant fabric on the market. Durable = long lasting. Wrinkle free = #omg #no #ironing.

You’re thinking I’m trying to sell you something huh? Well guess what? You can walk away with these sheets without spending a dime. We are quite literally giving them away. There is no catch. This is not a trap. Stop looking so nervous, I just want to give your bed a makeover.

“But my bed doesn’t need a makeover...?” (Shhh yes it does, lady on the internet knows best).

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