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Christmas Fun For Little Ones

Posted by The Canningvale Team on

Christmas is a magical time of year, particularly for all those little humans out there who are eagerly counting down the days until Santa makes his next visit. While there are some downsides to this excitement and anticipation (namely the amount of sleep you’re likely to get on Christmas Eve), spending Christmas with the kids or grandkids is a wonderful experience, and one that helps you rediscover the magic of the season. If you’re feeling a little out of practice or need some fresh ideas for kid-friendly Christmas entertainment, look no further than the list below, which is packed with activities little ones will love.

Get crafty

Have a Christmas crafternoon over the next few days, tailoring the activities to the age and abilities of the little humans in your family. You can make or decorate last-minute Christmas cards, create ornaments for the tree, craft a wreath for the front door, or make some festive table decorations. As well as being fun to make, your creations can double as sentimental gifts for family members. Have a look here for some crafty inspiration.

Play Christmas Bingo or Snowman Slam

This wonderful collection of Christmas games has something for every age and stage, from puzzles to obstacle courses and sporty competitions. Lots of them are festive takes on old favourites, like Pin the Nose on Rudolph and an Easter-esque Candy Cane Hunt, meaning they’ll be easy to explain to young brains. If you want to go the whole hog on a game or two, you can create playing pieces together as part of your Christmas crafternoon, turning play into a lengthier, more rewarding project.

Spend some time in the kitchen

Baking can be a whole lot of fun for kids - especially when they get to lick the bowl! Choose an easy recipe with simple processes, like cookies or kid-friendly rum balls. Guide them through the measuring (unless you’re happy with creations that are far more choc-chip than cookie), be prepared to step in when things are more complicated (e.g. separating eggs), and let them take control of the decorating. After all their hard work, make sure you reward all the chefs with a little pre-Christmas taste test.Make sure you have your all purpose kitchen towels, cleaning wipes and hand wash accessible to avoid a mess. 

Instigate a Christmas lights night

Walk or drive around your neighbourhood and explore Christmas light displays together. If you’re not sure where to find them, visit this handy website and pop in your suburb for a list of the best and brightest.

Leave a snack out for Santa

We have it on good authority that Mr Claus is a fan of cookies, while Rudolph and his friends are partial to a nice, crunchy carrot. Get the kids to help you prepare a little plate on Christmas Eve and make sure the food gets nibbled at through the night. After all, what’s cooler than Santa having a snack at your very own kitchen bench?

Schedule story time

Whether you read from a traditional picture book, enlist the help of an audiobook, or share tales from your own Christmases past, story time is a great bonding activity. Make it a special event by building a simple cubby house and decorating it with a string of lights for a distinctly festive feel or by sharing stories around the Christmas tree.


Christmas is a time for giving and this tradition starts in the home. As well as helping the little ones in the family select and wrap presents for mum, dad, and siblings; consider getting them involved in one of the silly season’s more charitable activities, like the Salvation Army Wishing Tree Appeal or Smith Family Stocking Exchange. Your local non-profits are also likely to have something going on, so get your feelers out there and settle on something that feels right for you.

Have a movie night

Spend some downtime together in front of the tele with a good, old-fashioned Christmas movie. This is a great choice of activity for Christmas night, when the excitement of the day has worn off, bellies are full, and everyone’s feeling a little bit sleepy.

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