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Dream In White

Posted by Ross Fan on

All white bedding sheet sets from canningvale

Have you got a head ache? Are your eyes burning? Is something just off? Maybe there is too much colour in your room. I swear I can hear an angry middle-class self-taught interior designer screeching in the distance "A POP OF COLOUR, YOU NEED A POP OF COLOUR!!"

You need a panadol and a sit down. Nothing can clutter a space more than loud colours with too much happening in the one place. The answer? White. Clean, crisp and effortless.

You absolutely need your white basics. You have them in your closet so why wouldn’t they be in your linen cupboard as well?

If you have one  white sheet set you are practically summer ready. Loose and flowy for those hot nights, easy to wash and even easier to wear. (Just don't sleep in your fake tan if your sheets are white.) (Not that that's a thing that has ever happened.)(Because who would do that.) (#notme)

White sheet set

A white quilt cover will go with anything. So if all your sheets are hectic patterns or sharp colours you can easily neutralise them with a white quilt and a few white pillows as well. Not to mention if you’re deeply attached to your rich purple sheets but feeling like they need a lift for the new season you can still have them, but think about adding that flash of white quilt on top - the result is a contrast that will make the purples look richer while the white adds a polished effect to the ensemble.

Also speaking from experience if your bedroom is on the darker side, as in it just naturally gets less light, then having lighter sheets can brighten up the room a ton. You know that black absorbs and white reflects? By having white sheets you’re actually creating more light in your room, and having more light in a room actually opens it up more. So White Sheets = Light = Space = <3

White quilt

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