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Melbourne Cup Day!

Posted by A Lady on

Canningvale Melbourne Cup Day Sale

Because nothing says Melbourne Racing Carnival like...online linen shopping? Well. Not all of us get to go to the Melbourne Cup, some of us have to schlep it at home on our nice comfy couches wearing no shoes and sipping Chandon. Okay, okay maybe the racegoers will get Chandon. Unlikely though, I’ve seen a lot of passion pop kicking around those discarded fascinators and dropped dignity. I mean sobriety. NO I MEAN UH...#Melbourne #Cup #BlessThisMess

Melbourne cup deals from Canningvale

So whilst Melbournians are getting the day off, Canningvale thought we might give the rest of Australia (and New Zealand, AND America) 60% off. Everything. Must be full priced and must be Canningvale. Pretty sweet deal though, a deal of which drunken pony-watching Melbournians may just miss.

So when this race apparently stops the nation - which is worrying to say the least, I feel like if we as a nation stop for more than 10 minutes we might lose Tasmania to a strong wind - you sneaky, Chandon drinking, online shopper extraordinaire will  get the last Royale stock, and pinch all those Sheet sets and walk away victorious with your very own Contour Memory Foam Pillow.

All without blistered feet, something fascinating knotted in your hair, and a hangover pounding around in your “Bubbles at 10am, yassss girls let’s do it!” little head.

I went to the Melbourne Cup once, had the best time. Me and my fabulously flamboyant Boyf, conned about two free bottles worth of bubbly off people by declaring that “I don’t even know what the difference is between champs and sparkling wineee!” “Here have this, and now this. See the difference??” “...omg noo! Like let me taste again!”

#thebestime #EVA, we laid out a blanket and had to have it held down with like four picnic baskets because it was so windy. It’s always that between weather time of year with the Melbourne Cup just about to hit summer but still firmly in spring. Sun is out but you’ll definitely need a shawl or a jacket.

Did you know the Melbourne cup is Canningvale’s Senior by 18 years! I know for a fact there are some happy horses out there with Canningvale Royale Majolica Blue Bath sheets draped across their backs, little known fact that the bath sheet is perfect horse size.

Now I never bet. (Which is a complete lie, what I really mean is I never win so I only bet once get sooky about not winning then announce I never bet, as it’s unbecoming of a lady.)Which means that watching the actual race is less than thrilling and always disappointing then once it’s over you’re left standing there vaguely buzzed with people beginning to stampede towards the station.

Does this stop me from going or being green with envy of those who do go? Nope. Do I text everyone I know the night before asking if they’re going or if they have a spare ticket? Yup. Do I buy a beautiful $200 dress off the iconic 2 months before not knowing if I’ll actually go?

It’s a flowy white midi with green water colour patterning and I love it.

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