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Online dating: matching with the perfect towel

Online dating: matching with the perfect towel

Posted by The Canningvale Team on 1st Oct 2021

Let’s face it – there’s nothing worse than a blind date and that’s kind of what online shopping is 

But if you’re ready to discover your perfect partner to step out of the shower in style with (without any waterworks), then check out our helpful guide below  


Our first love and reigning royal 

And while we hate to admit it, we’re stuck in a bit of a love triangle as this beauty now comes in Rust AND Stone 

We simply cannot choose between them 

Can you? 

You’ll be a perfect match if you:

love a plush touch where you’ll be spoiled like a royal

appreciate a natural beauty (Royale Splendour is 100% cotton) 


Sofi is full of magic 

You’ll be a perfect match if you:

 enjoy a minimalist look to keep things simple 

are an eco-warrior at heart  As kind to your skin as it is to the environment, you’ll love this super-gentle 100% organic cotton beauty.


Aria is a luscious love who’ll be completely in tune with you – meaning you’ll find yourself serenading this stunner when you’re singing in the shower 

You’ll be a perfect match if you:

are searching for the crème de la crème. This bathing beauty is crafted from 100% cotton (extra-long staple zero twist yarn)

long for the ultimate indulgence – Aria offers the softest touch you’ve ever known and will make your skin sing 

have some room for Aria to move. A bit of a diva, Aria takes a little longer to dry off after a performance since their priority is being plush and lush 


This beauty keeps things simple and practical 

You’ll be a perfect match if you:

have a small place. Amalfitana dries off quickly and easily and really likes hanging around for you in small, dark spaces 

like a balance of style and function 

are easy-going – quick and easy to wash and dry, Amalfitana never makes any waves 


Our crown jewel 

You’ll be a perfect match if you:

like to be kept in the decadent style of the kings and queens of the Nile (Egyptian Royale is crafted from 100% Egyptian cotton pile) 

are a bit of a beauty queen who’s searching for Cleopatra’s secret weapon 

have some space they can make themselves at home in (they’re used to a palace after all). Since Egyptian Royale is all about making you look and feel great, they take a little extra time to dry off 


This stunner is stylish and completely original.

You’ll be a perfect match if you:

like to believe in a bit of magic. Terrazzo is a genie who, when rubbed the right way, can teleport your style to a whole new world (no smoke or mirrors required)

want to set the world on fire with your style (these babies are only available in sets to give some extra bang to your natural flair) 


Colombina has a unique texture, and so offers a relationship with depth 

You’ll be a perfect match if you:

have a sense of humour and enjoy your creature comforts. Colombina has some gentle ribbing that will keep you in (the finest) stitches 

like a stylish companion that’s comfortable to be with and never oversteps – with its unique border design, Colombina respects your boundaries and does so in style 

Have you found your perfect match? Show us your style @Canningvalelove

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