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The Art Of Home-making

Posted by Canningvale Team on

First the Home, Then the House…

Home-making is a greater art than housekeeping. A well-kept house is an important essential in making a home, but it should not be allowed to take the place of that greater art, home-making, which should be the highest ambition of every homemaker.

Unfortunately, in today’s fast paced world, every house is not a home. Some of the most orderly, well-kept and richly furnished dwellings are devoid of the sense of freedom and comfort, of joy and rest, that appeal so strongly to all of us Australians, it can sometimes feel like an empty shell. There is a place for everything and everything is always in that place; but the freedom and all the organic joys of the home are sacrificed to the orderly rules of a house or hotel. To put it in a more colloquial sense, when you walk into a 4-5 star hotel room, everything is clean and in its rightful place, but it has something lacking, something very distinct missing which only our homes can provide for us.

Here at Canningvaleour goal is to make luxury homewares attainable for our customer’s who want to make a comfortable home for themselves and their loved ones. The investment they make in creating a harmonious space to live in will ultimately positively add to their health and well-being both now and in for years to come. When we approach home-making and product creation with this front of mind- we afford the greatest natural incentive and genuine joy in carefully hand selecting beautifully made and crafted good’s for our homes.

When we apply this balance of love, art and ingenuity to everything about the home, cleanliness and good order follow becoming second nature and offers every member of the household, even the smallest child, a fundamental feeling of self-respect, confidence and satisfaction.

An added benefit of investing in your home in this way, none of your family members will be worried if anyone, with little notice, invites a friend to dinner. Without the usual stress of “getting the house in shape”. In such a home you will notice that a refined and organic influence naturally flows about the house, almost like a natural fragrant perfume

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