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The Joy Of Corduroy

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Corduroy goes by several names, including corded velveteen, pin cord, elephant cord, cords, and Manchester cloth. The fabric earns its name because it looks like is constructed from several cords that have been laid parallel and then pieced together. The word comes from a fusion of 'cord' and 'duroy', which is a coarse, woolly cloth that was popular in England during the 1700s. However, whatever you prefer to call it, corduroy has persisted for hundreds of years, and its popularity as a towel fabric is not in the least bit surprising.

Besides having the basic properties that are necessary for a well performing towel - softness and absorbency - corduroy is a timeless material that looks and feels classy.

In fact, corduroy towels are often seen at boutique hotels and other premium-grade establishments.

Another reason for the popularity of corduroy is that it is durable and hard wearing; this is why corduroy is often utilised in the construction of jackets, trousers, and shirts. In the fashion world, corduroy may have had its heyday in the 1990s, but as a towel fabric, there is no debating that it is just as popular as ever.

Canningvale Corduroy Rib Towels

To get the beautiful range of shades we associate with corduroy towels and clothing, colour is added to the surface material using a special process using printing or pigment dyes. After the dye is applied, the garment is trimmed to the right shape and size, before being stitched as required. In the last stage of manufacturing, the towel is washed in such a way that the dye rinses out to create a classic yet contemporary look. With each wash, the colour of the towel softens, giving each towel an aesthetically pleasing and unique style as well as a luxurious touch.

Our current towel featuring corduroy construction is the Corduroy Rib it is an original and innovative towel developed by our artisan weavers decades ago. An all over, micro rib cotton towel, each rib is a single row of loops, tightly compressed, so the texture is subtle, but always clear. This is one of our fastest drying towels, absorbing water quickly and comfortably from the skin, and dries itself quicker on the rail than other heavier towels.

Corduroy Towel Range from Canningvale

However, perhaps best of all, corduroy towels are visual chameleons. Whether your home is modern or classic, you can find a colour combination that matches your decor, adds a level of charm to your house, as well as being great for towelling off. The parallel line design of corduroy is simple but effective and helps this fabric gel seamlessly with any kind of bathroom arrangement you might have. To add some quality corduroy towels to your bathroom, browse our Corduroy Rib range at Canningvale today.

Best Corduroy Towels from Canningvale

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