Top 5 Laundry Myths!

28th Dec 2018

Here are some household jobs that seem never-ending. Laundry is one of them, and without doubt the least favourite - mainly because of the hours needed to sort, wash, fold, and iron all of my clothes. Today, we bust the top myths about laundry.

Myth #1: The more detergent you use, the cleaner your clothes

This is simply not true! Not only is this a waste of product, excessive use of detergent will cause detergent residues,which attract dirt,make fabrics stiff and turns whites grey over time.So yes, best to avoid using too much detergent…

Myth #2: Double washing (or even triple-washing) will help you get your clothes cleaner)

Invest in treating your clothing & fabrics correctly the first time. There is no need to waste time, electricity and water on multiple washes.

Myth #3: Treat all stains from the front

Naturally, we try and remove the stain from front of your clothes. Instead, turn your washing inside-out. Washing inside-out is proven to be more effective as it is treating the stain from the back of the fabric, pulling the soiled particles out of the fabric rather than pushing the them deeper into the fibres.

Myth #4: Ironing is the best way to get crease’s out of your clothing

Believe it or not, you don’t actually have to iron everything. Instead, save time and energy by lightly spraying your clothes with a solution made up of lavender oil and water (one teaspoon of oil to one litre of water). As lavender is a natural fibre relaxant, the creases will disappear right before your eyes. Plus, you’ll smell like a flower, not actually. If you do, you have used way too much.

Myth #5: The Sock Monster is real

Doesn’t it just annoy you when a sock goes missing? You’re not alone. But don’t blame the Sock Monster, cause that’s a thing now…apparently – And you would know if a sock got stuck into the washing machine motor pretty quickly...Most socks disappear between leaving the foot and making it to the laundry basket, hiding behind the machine, or often get lost in a mountain of clothes. Like my sons every growing and bottomless pile…