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Types of Cotton Used in Canningvale Bath and Beach Towels

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Canningvale towels

There are so many varieties of cotton available in the world, it can get quite confusing as to what you're buying when it comes to towels.

Here at Canningvale we use specific types of cotton for different purposes. In most of our towel ranges we use 100% combed upland cotton. Originally named American upland, but now it is commonly known as upland cotton. It is grown in many countries, including Australia. Its average staple length is anywhere between 26 - 32 millimetres. In its natural state, it is usually a light cream to off-white colour. This variety of cotton can come in combed or carded quality, it can also be ring spun or open ended.

If you’re wondering what the difference between ring spun cotton and open end yarn is, essentially ring spun cotton in a finished towel is much softer to touch and a stronger yarn which lasts longer and holds the dye colour better. Open end yarn can have a harsher feel if not treated correctly. However it is hard wearing and durable, with excellent absorbency and due to the hollow structure of the yarn, this can be used for the base of a towel.

Canningvale towels are always made with ring spun cotton in the pile and open end yarn in the base, so our customers get the best of both worlds! This enables our towels to have a soft and comfortable feel, with a nice drape and no static electricity build up. 

Canningvale towels can absorb up to 1/5 of their own weight before they feel damp, and in an event of an emergency absorb 24-27 times its own weight! Being 100% cotton they are hypoallergenic, so they will never irritate sensitive skin. 

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