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What's Hot For 2017: Color Trend Alert

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Let all just agree 2016 was a bit of a flop. Most people say it was unexpected & difficult and only memorable because of it, we were hopeful and excited and the colors and styles reflected that. For 2017 we all need an escape, some time alone in a comfy chair with a good book. So we’re settling into cooler tones and varying degrees of subdued textures pushing a muted elegance and a theme of relaxation. Through the Pantone color trend predictions, we’re seeing a move from light and airy pastel pinks and white marbles to soft greens and deep teals heading in an earthier direction.

pantone color swatches
Image courtesy:  www.pantone.com

What does this mean for interior design and more importantly, your interiors? A recurring theme is earth tones and greens, go for deep rich colors and warm inviting ones. Does this mean you have to repaint your entire house in Emerald? No! And please for the love of Toto leave emerald city to the Wizard. What it does mean is lifting those light pink, blue and yellow accents that may have been eye-catching last year but now in 2017 have become tiring to look at and just too loud.

cinemablend image
Image courtesy:  cinemablend.com

Look towards dark end-furniture, bed-ends, headboards, side tables, coffee tables, cabinets and consoles. The smaller bits and pieces around the home that by themselves may not say much but collectively can deepen the tone and warmth of a room. Previously it's all been about blonde wood and Nordic coloring, light and bright was the name of the game. The switch has happened where dark timbers with rich textures are being paired with mossy and deep greens almost like bringing the outside inside.

'Greenery' is Pantone's color of the year for 2017 - so while we harp on about deep greens and dark timbers it's good to note this year’s palette isn’t all gloomy gothic looks. The more chic and beautifully styled rooms will maintain bright whites with large open windows and flowing loose sheets and curtains. Pairing light whites and fresh basics with accents of light and dark greens, all with cool undertones will create a gorgeous tropical/ Mediterranean feel. The real style queens are the ones moving greens and pinks together without having to go full reno. It’s been said before but style is all about details.

For your bed head, which I’ll just mention is very in this year, go for a cushy-looking upholstered piece. They scream elegance and luxury and are a very easy way to really finish a room. Velvets and heavily textured materials are set to become a favorite. There’s a want for bold textures this year with our lives so impersonal and online these days the need to touch and feel has never been stronger. From a style perspective, don’t be afraid to mix patterns and textures, as long as your tone and palette are cohesive pretty much anything goes!

With finishes as above, there is a step away from pinks and anything too garish into smooth and easy accouterments. Copper has been left behind for its brass counterpart, and instead of an ultra shiny finish perhaps reach for a matte or frosted texture. Matte metals and finishes are as popular as ever, and are only gaining steam; they bring warmth to harsh objects and offer an unmistakably contemporary touch to any space.

This is all not to say the softer colors are completely excluded from the spectrum. Neutrals like ‘ Hazelnut’ and ‘Pale Dogwood’ will work fantastically well for the jewel tones and metallic trend. With a focus on mirrored objects and soft, rich colored textures. Reach for velvets and floaty silks and fabrics, in light soft colors with chrome accents, shiny beads, and semi-precious stones. This is definitely a more feminine approach, though the deep greens and forest colors would still add that little something extra to this look.

Layering, specifically layering different textures on top of each other simply must be tried at least once. You don't need to have matching pillows, cushions, and throws as long as they fit the tone and overall theme there is no reason you can't pile wool throws onto linen sheets, backing onto a velvet headboard with crushed velvet cushions even go as far as the floor with a plush rug in faux fur. For your bed sheets, relaxed, welcoming and low-energy.  Canningvale’s Vintage Softwash sheets in white, are 100% cotton and non-iron they offer a relaxed lived-in look and feel, and better yet you don’t have to do anything except put them on your bed. For more breathable and relaxed fibres we’d suggest linen sheets because you guessed it linen is so on trend this year.

Canningvale vintage softwash cotton sheet set

With a focus on earthy tones and textures, it's no wonder natural fibres and materials are becoming increasingly popular. Linen, bamboo, cotton, wool and ethically sourced fibers have been hitting the market with renewed force. Due to the world warming up environmentally friendly decor and lifestyles are being heavily pushed, but with such gorgeous styling, it's no wonder the 2017 style forecast is happy to go green.

Canningvale Double Bamboo Cotton Sheet Sets

These are only some of the trends hitting the stores and style guides this year, with such effortless relaxation the forecast is looking up and hopefully, we can all live out our 2017 escapism dreams in a plush comfy nook, with matte black accents and terracotta tiling (so on trend). Sleeping off 2016 in linen sheets with wooly throws.

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