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What's The Weather Going To Be Like This Weekend?

Posted by By Miss Melbourne Cynic on

canningvale beach towels

The eternal question. Now they say it’s going to be hot, sunny and windy. I do not trust them. Why do I not trust them? Because I live in Melbourne and a top of 24°C means that it might hit that temperature for 3 minutes, if you are standing directly under the sun, have the blood of a virgin and are ready and willing to sacrifice your first born. And then it’ll rain.

But I’m a gloomy, cynic from Melbourne so we’ll ignore me and say that it’ll be one of the more beautiful spring weekends to kick off racing season and the sunnier months.

Spring is probably the most difficult season to plan around. Do I wear jeans or shorts? Should we go to the beach or just lay a towel out in the backyard? When the sun is out its gorgeous, and invokes a primal need within all Australians to grab the nearest person and violently discuss how nice the weather is. But stand slightly to the left in the shade and suddenly you recall that our continent is just that little bit closer to Antarctica than the rest of the world.

So run to that sun. Canvas the empty space with beach towels; roll around in tanning oil and sauté yourself. 3 minutes might be better in fact; a melanoma doesn’t look good on anyone. So this weekend whilst some are living it up at the Caulfield Cup and others are putting the kids to work for the Big Spring Clean, pull out a book, a throw, a hat, some beats and a chilled G&T.

That’s what we’re doing at Canningvale. Stuck for ideas, but don’t want to let the nice weather go to waste? Maybe go on a picnic, pack some goodies, a blanket and your favourite person to drink with. I think you’ll find picnics that feature wine are always memorable events than the ones that don’t.

Urgh. Where’s that weekend.

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