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Why a Cotton Waffle Blanket Is Simply the Best

Posted by The Canningvale Team on

The key to home decor happiness may just be a well-chosen blanket. Think about it. If the average person spends 8 hours in bed each day, that’s a whopping 2,920 hours in bed each year. What do you spend that time snuggled under? Your blankets. 

When you’re relaxing in the living room with your spouse, watching a good movie on TV, what do you reach for? A soft and cozy blanket. 

The same goes if you’re cross-legged in your favorite chair with a glass of your favorite wine and your favorite book. What pairs well with all of this? Your favorite blanket.

In the bedroom, you need to get rid of those heavy, outdated comforters - it's time for something better. Gone are the days of tossing a bulky bedspread over your sheets and calling it a day. The same goes with flimsy throw blankets that will fuzz over and fray after a few washes. Today’s home and bedroom decor is all about high-quality fabric, textures, and layering. 

Canningvale Luxury Cotton Waffle Blanket

One of the most amazing tools in your bedding arsenal? The waffle weave cotton blanket. Say it: waffle weave. Cotton. Those two factors combined make this one of the most comfortable and versatile items ever.

All Hail 100% Cotton!

Why? Let’s go with the material first. Cotton is an amazing, all-natural fiber. There’s a reason it’s been used for clothing and home goods for centuries; it’s nature’s gift to cloth. (Ok, so that sounds hokey. But it’s true! No, really! Read on.)

Waffle weave cotton blankets are incredibly durable. Canningvale waffle blankets, for instance, are so well-made that you’ll use them for many years to come. In today’s throwaway culture, we’ve forgotten what it’s like to buy quality products that last. So many of the fabric blends out there fade, fray, and begin to break down within a few months. Not 100% cotton. Mother Nature knows her stuff.

In addition to all of that, cotton is so soft - and it becomes even softer and more incredible every time you wash it. Don’t worry about your cotton blankets fading, either - the material is much more fade-resistant than other bedding fabrics out there.

Another great thing about cotton bedding? It’s incredibly easy to maintain. Blankets that simply must be dry-cleaned or have bizarrely special care instructions are a no-go: “Wash upside down for three minutes in lukewarm water, then inside out for two minutes in cold water. Rinse thoroughly before hanging this huge thing out to dry somewhere in your home - do not dry outdoors!” That’s too much of a pain for something that’s supposed to bring comfort.

Canningvale waffle blankets are great, as they only need to be washed on the gentle cycle and tumble dried on a low to warm temperature setting. You can dry clean them if you’d like, but they don’t require the extra hassle if you don’t have time. Just don’t abuse them by wringing, soaking, or bleaching them and they’ll last forever.

Canningvale Luxury Cotton Waffle Blanket

The Wonders of Waffle Weave

The next factor that makes the cotton waffle blanket perfect is the design. The tiny indented squares all over this style of blanket are how it got its name. The waffle weave creates an experience that’s like a thick blanket and a thin blanket rolled into one, making it heavy enough to be cozy when it’s cold out, but breathable enough to be a comfortable blanket when the weather gets warmer.

Waffle weave is designed to regulate body heat, so you won’t have to swap blankets out for winter and summer. The thick outlines of each square retain heat, while the thinner, inner part of each square allows air to circulate, resulting in maximum comfort for anyone lucky enough to be snuggled underneath it. These aren’t flimsy blankets, and although they do a great job of keeping users cool, they’re snuggly warm in the winter.

Waffle blankets are perfect for layering. Do you start off shivering when you hop into bed, but end up throwing off the covers in the midst of a self-induced heat wave at 2 a.m.? Do you like to sleep with a single blanket, while your partner needs more insulation? Don’t battle back and forth over whether to use a thin blanket or a thick comforter. A duo of waffle blankets is the perfect solution. If someone gets hot, they can simply peel a layer back - only to reach for it again if they need some extra warmth later. Problem solved!

The waffle weave design also looks fantastic. Why put a drab, boring blanket anywhere in your house? Whether you’re using it as full-out bedding or as a useful and decorative throw, a waffle blanket is the perfect texture to set off otherwise blah areas of your home.

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