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Why Sheet Sets Make The Perfect Wedding Gift

Why Sheet Sets Make The Perfect Wedding Gift

Posted by The Canningvale Team on 7th Aug 2017

Peak wedding season is just around the corner, meaning it’s time to dust off your fancy clothes, practice your toasting skills and prepare to fight your partner for the best option of the alternate dinner drop.

While some wedding traditions remain gloriously unchanged, one which has shifted considerably in recent years is that of gift giving, with far fewer couples now requesting specific presents. In fact, a recent survey by finder.com.au showed gift registries are well and truly on the way out, with only 15% of couples creating one for their big day. While this means you’re less likely to find yourself in the scenario of discovering all the good options already taken (even if it’s on the registry, it’s very hard to find joy in gifting someone a wok), it also means you’re much more likely to have to think of a gift idea on your own.

If a little shiver just went up your spine, fear not - we have the perfect idea.

A sheet set. A really good one.

Before you scrunch your nose up at the proposition, hear us out. We’re confident that by the end of this post you’ll be ordering premium sheets in bulk, happily wrapping them up for each lucky couple tying the knot over the coming months.

So, why sheets?

For starters, we spend one third of our lives in bed. For the average Australian, that equates to 27.3 years - much more time than we’d ever spend toiling over a wok. Despite this, not everyone splashes out on premium sheets, possibly because of budget restraints, the availability of sheets which are considered ‘good enough’, or a lack of awareness of the benefits of high quality bedding. Whatever the reason, they’re missing out and this is where you and your clever present buying skills come in.

The benefits of high quality, natural fibre sheets are well documented. As well as offering more durability than their synthetic counterparts, they’re much more breathable, softer to touch and gentler on skin. Specific fibres bring their own additional benefits, like the anti-microbial and self-deodorising qualities of bamboo, and the way linen keeps you cool in summer, warm in winter and becomes softer and softer with every wash.

Another benefit of high quality sheets - and one which may be particularly relevant to newlyweds - is they’re so soft and kind on skin that no pyjamas are required. As well as the obvious benefit of a happier love life (which has been scientifically proven), sleeping in the nude is better for sleep quality and reproductive health and has the potential to help you lose weight and age better, thanks to the fact our bodies release a specific growth hormone when we’re sleeping at the right temperature. If we’re covered in clothing, our body temperature is likely to remain too high, releasing cortisol (aka the dreaded stress hormone) instead. In short, not only will you be giving the gift of a better night’s sleep when you choose a premium sheet set for the happy couple: you’ll also be giving the gift of a successful relationship.

(Ok, so you probably can't take all the credit for the success of the marriage but still - you're at least contributing.)

Giving a beautiful  set of sheets is also a wonderfully elegant solution to the struggle of finding a wedding gift which is equally fitting for both the bride and groom. Rather than a fancy stand mixer hubby will never learn how to use or a prized power tool the lady of the house will never get her hands on, your sheets will be enjoyed by both parties time and time again. The happy couple can even express their delight about their fancy new sheets to each other, knowing the joy will be mutually understood.

Another reason sheets are a great idea is that a good set never goes out of style. Solid neutral tones will suit any room and last the test of time, surviving new quilt covers, paint jobs and all manner of bedheads. We recommend a crisp white, like our  a muted blue, such as the Denim or Misty Blue Melange Vintage Softwash set, or a coffee-coloured hue, like our  1000 Thread Count Palazzo Royale set. Coupled with premium materials and our five year warranty, you can rest assured any of these options will be on high rotation for many years to come.

With that we rest our case. Quality sheets, while often overlooked in the wedding gift department, are actually an excellent choice. They’re practical, beneficial, long lasting and will be used often. If that isn’t a winning combination, we don’t know what is.