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Why You Need a Blanket

Posted by Carol's Friend on

It's something you never or rarely think about. Do you ever stay at someone’s house and sleep on the couch? What do they give you? A blanket. Do you want to be that person kind enough to let someone couch-crash then embarrassingly have no covers to give them? Or maybe it’s autumn, and it’s too warm to have a heavy quilt but too cold for just a top sheet. Bet a blanket would come in handy. Maybe Carol wants to have drinks on the porch after work, and you know Carol has terrible circulation (because she tells you, always). Wouldn’t a blanket be perfect to just keep Carol happy (and quiet)?

These are just a few reasons why you need a blanket, or two, in your life.

Who hasn't snuggled up on a couch by themselves, or with a loved one, on a cold day or late at night, under a  thick favorite cotton blanket that always hangs around on the living room couch?

Canningvale Luxury Cotton Waffle Blanket

Maybe your favourite is sitting in bed, in a park, or on the beach, wrapped up warm and snug like a bug in a comfortable blanket and falling in love over again with the simple pleasure of it all.

Try telling us that the hardest man or woman has never found themselves watching their favorite feel-good movie with some popcorn or crisps wrapped up in that old blanket that reminds them of their mum or grandma. Well I did last night. And it was great.

Great for hot or cold climates. Not something you would expect, you usually put a blanket on to keep warm. A light blanket offers warmth without roasting which can be the case with a heavy quilt or coverlet. And an extra blanket on top of a duvet can afford maximum warmth in a house where the heating system struggles through the winter.

Have you ever been too lazy to take the sheets off the bed or too hot to need them? Or did you just need that extra layer on your bed to make it that perfect bubble of warmth and comfort? The solution, as always, is a blanket.

Canningvale Sogno Linen Blend Blanket

Still cold? Add another blanket, and let the weight just sink you deeper into the most blissful sleep you’ve ever had. Stay away from electric blankets; if the horror story of the electric blanket that caught fire is anything to go by you just don’t need that in your life.

Or are you too hot? Get a cotton waffle blanket; they’re literally designed to regulate body heat. Similar to a linen & cotton blend, they may seem heavy but they will keep you cool in the hotter months. Especially when the full range of bedding isn’t needed.

Blankets are ideal to use as both a functional and decorative element to add to the interior design, style and comfort of your home.

Canningvale Diamond Weave cotton blankets

Add a statement blanket with an interesting texture or a bright colour to a white cotton sheet set, and you have moved from a crisp but slightly dull minimalistic style to a stylish room with a flourish of your personality.

With such a large range of colours, textures and styles, there is no way to go wrong here. Just let your style instincts guide you in your textile selecting adventures.

We love blankets, as you can tell! In the best, most welcoming homes, we believe that each bed, couch, and chair should have its own individual blanket, complementing one another’s style, and all high-quality cotton.

Canningvale Primavera Blankets

Whether you prefer cotton waffle blankets, knit throws, linen blends, or diamond weave cotton blends, Canningvale’s  selection of premium quality blankets will make sure that your house is not only cozy but one that you’d be proud for a friend to couch surf in.

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