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The average floor area of Australian homes has been on the decline since 2009 (if you love numbers and diagrams, you can read more about it here), and more and more Australians are choosing apartment living over freestanding houses (again, if you like numbers, have a gander at this report). Both these trends point to the same thing: smaller [...]


It's often said that great design is a balance of function and form. Give too much weight to one side of this equation and you’ll end up with a delightfully squishy but wholly unattractive brown sofa dominating your living room or a sculpturally beautiful, highly uncomfortable set of chairs around your dining room table. Unfortunate design choices can be far [...]


Looking to try something new in your living room? Or give your bedroom a little va-va-voom? If you’re itching to make a bold update to your home décor, try one of these ideas on for size. They’re easy to implement, incredibly effective, and won’t go out of fashion as soon as the seasons change. Play with patterns We love neutral solids [...]


Temperatures aren’t the only thing soaring this summer. Energy prices are also on the up, having increased almost 30% in the past 12 months and showing no signs of plateauing anytime soon. The threat of blackouts in peak periods is also looming, creating the perfect conditions for sweaty days and uncomfortable nights. With all this going on around us, [...]


Outdoor entertaining is part of Australian culture, from casual drinks in the back yard to lingering dinners on the deck and - of course - the great Aussie BBQ. With summer just around the corner, chances are your outdoor area is about to host a lot more gatherings. So, how’s it looking? If it’s in need of a [...]


Whether you’re a creative working from home, an aspiring novelist, or someone who loves to play with paint in their spare time, having the right space to flex your creative muscle can have a huge impact on your productivity. Here are some tips and tricks for creating a space that will harness your creativity and have you producing some [...]


Save yourself a trip to the shops this Boxing Day and secure your share of the bargains online. You’ll swap carpark angst and long queues for high levels of personal space and easy access to the leftover ham. We’ll even sweeten the deal by directing you straight to our top picks. Sounds pretty good, right? Pick number one: The Cinque [...]


It’s a fact of life that Christmas in the southern hemisphere is often a sweaty event. Here in Australia, chances are we’ll be gathering around a powerful air-conditioner rather than an open fire, wearing Christmas t-shirts rather than Christmas jumpers, and tobogganing down sand dunes rather than snowy slopes. While there’s an undeniable charm about warm-weather Christmases, they can feel a [...]


Christmas is a magical time of year, particularly for all those little humans out there who are eagerly counting down the days until Santa makes his next visit. While there are some downsides to this excitement and anticipation (namely the amount of sleep you’re likely to get on Christmas Eve), spending Christmas with the kids or grandkids is a [...]


If you think all beach towels are created equal, it’s time to think again. Just like a great barista has a flawless technique and that innate ability to know when it’s a double shot kind of day, a great beach towel has a certain set of qualities you should be on the lookout for. Here they are, just in [...]