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The tree is up, presents are wrapped, Christmas ham pre-ordered, and Love Actually has been on at least three times. Yep - the final countdown to Christmas is well and truly on. Of course, Christmas isn’t just about shopping, feasting, and Hugh Grant: it’s about spending quality time with the people you love. As wonderful as this is, when it’s your [...]


If you’re one of the 500,000 odd Australians who own a holiday home, the start of the silly season will mean one of two things: (1) you’re planning your own summer getaway in house number two; or (2) you’re getting it ready for the onslaught of guests that will check-in over the course of peak holiday season. Either way, [...]


Given 85% of Australians live within 50kms of our country’s beautiful coastline, it’s no wonder coastal themed interiors are an enduring favourite on our design landscape. When done well, coastal themed homes feel fresh, sophisticated, and inviting; full of neutral tones, statement furniture, and wonderfully subtle nods to the sand and sea. When done not so well, they can feel [...]


Would you describe your home as clean and functional or warm and welcoming? While the first couple of adjectives are great for hospitals and dental practices, they’re not exactly the kind of words you want springing to mind when it comes to your home. If you need a hand moving your descriptors towards the warm and welcoming end of [...]


Natural light is a huge asset to almost any room but, depending on your home’s aspect, window placement and proximity to neighbouring buildings, one that can’t always be captured. Luckily, the absence of good natural light doesn’t mean your room has to be dark and gloomy forever. Try out these clever tricks and you’ll have a bright, inviting space [...]


Christmas truly is the most wonderful time of the year. Full of sparkling lights, chocolatey advent calendars, festive feasts, and quality time with loved ones, there's a lot to love about the silly season. One of the biggest challenges this time of year - along with finding Christmas-Day-appropriate stretchy pants and cracker jokes that are actually funny - is the [...]


There’s a lot to love about open plan living spaces. They facilitate social interactions (even if it’s just chatter between whoever’s doing the washing up and the lucky ones lazing on the couch), maximise natural light, and are great for smaller homes, thanks to their ability to create the illusion of space. Despite all these factors working in their favour, [...]


Linen is a luxurious natural fabric, revered throughout history for its ability to keep you cool in summer and warm in winter. It's a great choice for your bedding as it helps you create the perfect sleeping conditions for you to get a great night's sleep. Linen is made from natural fibres and is said to be one of [...]


If you're in the market for a new mattress, chances are you’ve spent a number of hours doing your research. Maybe you’ve hovered around your local homemaker centre for a Saturday or two, self-consciously lying down on varying makes and models to try and work out which will be best; perhaps you’ve conducted an unofficial survey on your family and [...]


Sometimes technology is so wonderful it makes us want to do a happy dance on every corner. (There are also times where technology is distinctly un-wonderful, like when a self-serve checkout insists there’s an unexpected item in the bagging area despite any physical evidence, or when your phone decides to stop functioning, leaving you suddenly disconnected from your family, friends [...]