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If you're in the market for a new mattress, chances are you’ve spent a number of hours doing your research. Maybe you’ve hovered around your local homemaker centre for a Saturday or two, self-consciously lying down on varying makes and models to try and work out which will be best; perhaps you’ve conducted an unofficial survey on your family and [...]


Sometimes technology is so wonderful it makes us want to do a happy dance on every corner. (There are also times where technology is distinctly un-wonderful, like when a self-serve checkout insists there’s an unexpected item in the bagging area despite any physical evidence, or when your phone decides to stop functioning, leaving you suddenly disconnected from your family, friends [...]


On average, we spend around one third of our lives asleep. That’s twice the amount of time we spend listening to music, three times the amount of time we spend in front of the tele, and more than 20 times the stretch of hours we devote to exercise (see here for more lifetime activity breakdowns, including laughing, crying and [...]


Spring is now well and truly here, bringing its crowd pleasing mix of longer days, higher temperatures and beautiful blooms. It’s a time of refocusing or reinvention for many of us as we emerge from our winter woollies, reluctant early morning exits from bed and hearty casserole Tuesdays into a world that’s suddenly all about shorts, sunrise walks and beachside [...]


If you’ve been following the recent spate of fashion weeks as they’ve made their way around the globe from Melbourne to New York, Paris and Milan, you would’ve noticed more than a few throwbacks to years gone by. White boots are making a comeback for the first time since the 70s, tie-dye’s having its first major resurgence since the [...]


The spike in temperatures this week has left us feeling even more love than usual for our Sogno Linen Cotton Collection . Its unique weave boasts all the enviable qualities of linen - such as temperature regulation, softness and durability - and pairs them with the wrinkle-reducing properties of cotton to deliver one of our most successful products yet. We’ve written [...]


It’s no secret that natural fibres like wool, cotton and silk offer better qualities than synthetics, but does their softness and breathability make them harder to care for? If you worry that they’re too delicate for everyday wear and tear, can only be cleaned via gentle, loving hand wash, or are highly likely to shrink when wet, we have [...]


Weave is something we talk about a lot here at Canningvale. It’s in our day to day vocabulary because: a) we know how much of an impact it has on the feel and function of our bedding; and b) our founders have been perfecting weaving techniques for the past 40-odd years and are proud as punch of what they’ve [...]


The primary function of quilts is warmth, making them somewhat of a confusing item of bedding as the seasons change and temperatures start to rise. There’s been much discussion around the water cooler this week about whether you should still have a quilt on your bed when your overnight goal is to stay cool and, if so, whether some [...]


Interior decorating is fun. Whether you’ve always had a soft spot for it or are feeling newly inspired by the most recent season of The Block, we support you in your endeavours. We know how great it is when you buy a new piece of furniture or bit of decor that fits right in, refreshing or re-styling your [...]