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Thanks to a study published by the Mayo Clinic earlier this month, we now know that sleeping with a dog in the bedroom - but not on the bed - can help you get a better night’s shut eye. If there’s no special Fido in your life or if you have a strict outdoor policy for dogs, don’t worry: [...]


Nearly one in five Australians suffer from hay fever. That’s around 4.5 million runny noses, 9 million itchy, watery eyes and more sneezes than we care to count. If your facial features are included in this collection, chances are you’ll be stocking up on antihistamines and nasal sprays as spring sets in, bringing its trademark onslaught of nose-twitching pollens. If [...]


Are you getting your beauty sleep? While a solid eight hours of shut-eye really is the best remedy for looking and feeling good, there are a bunch of tips, tricks and products you can use to help your body work through its restorative processes. Give these a try and roll out of bed looking fabulous. Sleep in silk Silk pillowcases do [...]


Have you ever caught a whiff of something that takes you back to a specific time and place? Maybe it was your grandmother’s perfume on the collar of a passing stranger or the smell of fermenting grapes that put you back among the barrels of that little Tuscan winery you visited on your honeymoon. Maybe you’ve had the far [...]


Spring cleaning is a bit like a 10km run - often largely unappealing when the whole task lies ahead of you but very satisfying once complete. Similarly, just like a long run, spring cleaning becomes a lot more enjoyable with a great playlist, clear goals and some friendly advice. You take care of the playlist and we’ll sort out [...]


Overheating while we sleep is one of the main culprits for a poor night’s shut eye, causing us to toss, turn and wake up at regular intervals. It’s also not great for the person we’re sharing the bed with, often resulting in a frosty stare or a pointed grumble first thing in the morning. On the other end of [...]


Great storage is a glorious thing. It helps keep your home neat, tidy and organised, promoting a sense of calm and thoroughly impressing anyone who walks through your front door. So how does yours stack up? If you have colour-coded wardrobes and a Pinterest-worthy pantry, give yourself a pat on the back: if you have an overstuffed linen cupboard and [...]


Spring has finally sprung, putting barbeques, beach days and afternoon rosés back on the agenda. As well as allowing us to get reacquainted with some of our favourite outdoor activities, the warmer months provide the perfect opportunity to refresh our wardrobes, swapping coats for cardigans, boots for sandals and beanies for wide-brims. Our beds also need an outfit change, but [...]


Throws are one of our favourite soft furnishings. They’re functional, beautiful and versatile, which is one adjective more than we can apply to most other things in our homes (sorry fridge). If you thought the only benefit of throws was their ability to keep you warm, keep reading. We’ve got nine more reasons these pieces of fabric should feature in [...]


As Yves Saint Laurent once said, ‘fashions fade but style is eternal.’ While he was talking about clothing at the time, we’re firm believers that his words have equal relevance when it comes to homes. After all, styling yourself and styling your home really aren’t all that different. Both involve careful consideration of form and function, provide an opportunity for [...]