Sogni D'oro Quad Core Memory Foam Mattress Collection

Four different layers of expertly researched and tested Memory Foam, each with its unique Indentation Load Deflection score to deliver a pressure relieving, breathable and simply amazing mattress available online. Sleep on it, cuddle on it, dream on it - if you aren’t convinced by it, we will give you a full refund. No strings attached. Simply buy online today, unroll and enjoy tomorrow.


Superior Comfort Surface Layer - Specially formulated density of open cell cooling gel viscose foam, designed to make you feel like you are floating on a supportive cloud.

Perforated Breathable Support Layer - Pincore formulated foam layer to maximise breathability and swift air movement.

Convoluted Ribbed Support Layer - Our transition pressure relieving foam layer to provide the perfect amount of evenly distributed support for your body.

Base Support Layer- Our foundation layer supports the structure of the overall mattress delivering long lasting comfort and durability designed to last well past the guaranteed 10 years.

Choosing the right bed foundation

The key achieving the best nights sleep with your Canningvale’s Sogni D’oro Quad Core Memory Foam Mattress is making sure that you have the right surface that will support the mattress to ensure that it does not feel too soft or too hard. The Sogni D’oro Mattress has been designed to deliver its signature feel by resting on a flat, firm and sturdy surface.

Traditional and older box springs or generic flexible slats can cause any mattress to feel too soft. After months of testing, we highly recommend solid or slatted bases. If you are using slats, they should have no give, be firm and solid, and not be more than 7cm apart. Curved slats should be avoided as they do not offer the support needed.