Velour Beach Towels | Canningvale

Luxury Velour Beach

Canningvale are famous for crafting beautiful, luxe on trend summer beach towels available online. We have been manufacturing luxury beach towels for almost 40 years. Our Cotton Velour towels are made from the finest cotton yarns, giving a lustrous look and finish complementing each unique design, they are generously sized & make a wonderful gift.

We proudly present this year’s Cotton Velour Beach towel collection, available in a wide range of eye catching designs, catering to all ages and tastes.

We have engineered these beach towels with your utmost comfort in mind. The clever cotton terry loop side of the towel is ideal against your skin, soft and absorbent swiftly drying you when required.

Beach Tip: When you are at the beach on the sand, ensure you always place the velvety veloured side of the beach towel down directly onto the sand, with the cotton terry loops side facing upwards- (gentle and soft on your skin when you lay on it). This is because the veloured side of the towel has been carefully sheared and won’t hold or trap the sand to it. When you are ready to go, carefully lift your towel and shake well, most of the sand will fall away.