Bath Towel Sets - Upgrade Your Bath Linen with a Luxury Bath Towel Set

Bath Towel Sets

Canningvale has been producing the best bath towels  in the world since 1977. Since launching our own store where people can freely choose to buy bathroom towel sets online, it soon became clear that our customers really appreciated the convenience.

These bath towel sets are the perfect addition to your towel collection at home.

They have been crafted from the very best raw materials which ensures that all our customer’s receive top quality bath towels for their enjoyment at home. When choosing your bath towel sets be sure match the texture and colours back to your current bathroom décor.

You can really use your new bath towel set to completely overhaul the vibe and feel of your bathroom simply by picking out a few colours that really play off the walls, flooring, fixture and other existing decorative accents you have.

Before you go crazy though, it’s best to decide if you want your bath towels to either draw attention or blend in with the current environment.A rule of thumb, neutral coloured bath towels will look good almost anywhere and will enhance the attention on your other bathroom accents, bold coloured bath towels with add a since of uniqueness to your bathroom and can really make a basic neutral solid coloured bathroom come alive and visually more interesting.

Whether your bathroom is Coastal, Country or City we have the bath towel sets just right for you. For the ultimate in luxury try our sublimely soft Royal Splendour - Bath Sheet Twin Pack. Our bath towel sets arrive ribbon tied, ready to gift for that special occasion. A favoured gift choice on any Wedding or Engagement registry list.

Spoil yourself or that special someone with one of our luxurious, super soft bath towel sets, made for your comfort to enjoy for many years to come.