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Quilt Cover Sets

In our never-ending pursuit of making luxury homeware sustainably attainable here at Canningvale, we present to you our finest quilt cover and duvet cover sets available to buy online today.Warm and cosy, the best online quilt covers in Australia will keep you sleeping soundly throughout the night and won’t be overly hot in summer.

However, when you are shopping for a duvet cover the choices can become a little overwhelming. The first decision you should make is what thread count you are after. Typically, the higher thread count means a softer and relatively denser material – quite important in sheets – with quilt covers, it’s a little less important.

After you’ve made this decision, next and most importantly, you need to think about what colours, prints or textures are going to really complement your bedroom. At Canningvale, we tend to take a less is more attitude to quilt covers and duvet cover designs. We focus more on textures and subtle tones to create a timeless and elegantly simple approach to building out a bedroom’s overall style and vibe.

Whatever choice you make, know full well that your Canningvale quilt cover set has been carefully crafted from the finest of yarns and developed to the highest specifications affordable, read on below to discover our unique luxury quilt cover set collections designed right here in Australia.

Our world renowned Vintage Softwash™ luxury Quilt cover sets, these pure cotton quilt covers, and pillowcases have been manufactured in such a way that they become even softer and more comfortable with wash and wear. They are pre-washed and pre-shrunk to ensure their integrity is maintained, and offer additional appeal with their low-maintenance non-iron, easy-care finish for a relaxed look.

Comprising ring spun yarns which are woven into a very soft 100% cotton percale, Canningvale’s Vintage Softwash™ Cotton Quilt Cover Sets Australia offer a sense of nostalgia in their inviting comfort and feel - they are the way you remember  good quality cotton bedding used to be. Depending on your preferred style these look stylish either neatly made up or tousled and relaxed, these Quilt cover sets will become your favourites’ for years to come. 

Introducing our most recent foray into the world of blending fibres to achieve a fabric with a handle unlike any other, the Sogno linen cotton collection. Inspired by a midsummer's nights dream, our craftsmen have once again succeeded in transforming effort into joy.

Incredibly cool to touch, modestly simple and elegantly subtle on the eye, this collection will enhance any living space it lives in, the luxurious properties of the unique fabric blend allows the  linen quilt cover set  to stay cool in the summer and warm in the winter.

Shop now for your chance to create your own summer paradiso.