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Canningvale's online blanket range upholds our highest standards in affording you the ability to buy online luxury blankets in a sustainably attainable way, delivering on comfort, performance, and style with every thread. When choosing the right blanket for yourself, it’s best that you identify what fabric suits your needs.

Cotton blankets tend to be a favourite amongst most people due to its ability to hold up well after many washes which reduces the potential build-up allergens in any given microclimate. Typically, Cotton blankets tend to be a middleweight which makes them suitable for all seasons.

The best qualities of cotton blankets are its softness, breathability and ability to look good in most areas of your home décor. There is nothing better than snuggling with a beautifully crafted blanket on the lounge or in your bed. If you are after the ultimate in warm, chic and heavenly feeling blankets, look no further than our Corda Blankets, available in many colours to suit anyone's bedroom vibe.

If you are a traditionalist and have always loved our Luxury Toscano Waffle Blanket  range, then look no further as our new colours have recently landed just in time for your summer blanket enjoyment. If you are after a durable and soft weave, our 100% Cotton Luxury Waffle Blanket range is the perfect choice for you, available in two sizes.

Whatever your choice is, we are sure that you will find a Canningvale blanket online to suit you and the ones you love.