Cotton Bed Sheets - Cotton Sheet Sets available in a range of colours

100% Cotton


When choosing your bed linen, you can never go wrong with 100% cotton. Bed sheets, quilt cover sets, pillow covers, cushions and blankets crafted with pure cotton fibres are guaranteed to be super soft, breathable, easy to care for and durable. Canningvale also has a wide range of cotton bed linen products to choose from, featuring different types, thread counts and weaves.

Headlining our list of 100% cotton products is the world-renowned Vintage Softwash Collection. It features a timeless relaxed and rustic look and has all the qualities you expect from a cotton bed linen: lightweight, breathable and gets softer with every wash.

We also have the silky smooth Sienna Sateen Sheet Sets and Quilt Covers crafted using the extra long staple cotton. It features a sateen weave that provides a softer drape and beautiful sheen. 

Both Vintage Softwash and Sienna Sateen bed linen are suitable for all seasons.

For mild to colder climates, our bed linen made from flannelette and 1000 thread count types of cotton will keep you warm. The Mille 1000 Thread Count Bed Linen Collection offers a heavyweight feel while the CoziCotton Flannelette Bed Linen Collection is fluffy, soft and perfect for winter.

Canningvale has also developed a range of products made from organic cotton and the premium Egyptian cotton fibre. The Sofi Organic Cotton Sheet Sets and Quilt Cover Sets are the perfect choice for those with sensitive skin. The Egyptian Royale Bed Linen Collection, meanwhile, offers a luxuriously soft feel.

Aside from the feel of the products, we also put emphasis on style. The result: we have the Modella Designer Bed Linen Collection and the 5-star European hotel-inspired Classico Hotel Bed Linen.

Our cotton products are sourced in partnership with the Better Cotton Initiative as part of Canningvale’s commitment to sustainability.