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Towel Buying Guide

The Canningvale Towel Buying Guide will assist you in understanding the differences in our range of towels and help you make an informed decision when purchasing.

This guide explains more about the various cotton varieties on offer, from combed upland cotton to Egyptian cotton. The weight of the towels (GSM) is explained, including the benefits and absorption, as well as the techniques used in the construction of the towels.

Check out the various size differences of bath towels, while our care instructions will ensure that your products enjoy a long lifecycle without deteriorating in condition.

You can also find out more about Canningvale and how it has become one of Australia's premier brands over the last 40 years.

Browse through the sections of our buying guide to towels below to have all of your questions answered, and then feel free to browse our range of high quality products online now!

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