Bath Sheets - Luxuriously Soft Bath Sheets for Sale

Bath Sheets

Canningvale's bath sheets are the epitome of luxury—offering extra width and length, allowing you to wrap yourself in superior comfort.

You can choose luxury bath sheets in different ranges at Canningvale: the Amalfitana, the Royal Splendour, the Egyptian Royale and the Aria. Each range boasts of premium-quality bath sheets crafted by artisans with your comfort in mind.

The Amalfitana range is composed of luxuriously over-sized bath sheets created using the finest Zero Twist Cotton yarns. Meaning, these towels get softer after every wash and are less prone to suffer from scratches. Aside from supreme softness, our  Amalfitana bath sheets are also reliable in terms of absorbency and durability.  

Styling your bathroom starts with the basics, but that doesn’t mean your towels have to be basic. With this in mind, Canningvale crafted Royal Splendour bath sheets for those whose priorities are both function and style. Made with 100% cotton, Royal Splendour bath sheets are incredibly soft and luxurious.

The Egyptian Royale range also features incredibly soft and durable bath sheets crafted by our artisans. Each bath sheet has been rigorously tested and then given the seal of approval by the Egyptian Cotton Council in Egypt.

Lastly, Canningvale's Aria Luxury Bath Sheet has been manufactured with extra-long staple Zero Twist 100% Cotton yarns. The fibres used for this collection guarantee luxury bath sheets that deliver durability, softness and superior absorption. 

Expect the highest quality products, exceptional service and excellent value for money when buying bath sheets at Canningvale online. Browse our product range online now and wrap yourself in the best bath sheets in Australia. Make sure not to miss out on other types of premium quality towels too including bath towels, hand towels and face washers.