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Canningvale's range of online living products has been crafted with the finest raw materials. Cushions & Throws can be the perfect addition to your living room or bedroom decor, adding a pop of colour and indulgence for all to enjoy. 

Materials are sourced from different parts of the globe to deliver functional style and elegant designs for you to buy online.

Getting the perfect combination of textured cushions and brightly coloured accessories for the home is easier said than done! While scatter cushions can add beautiful splashes of colour and visual artwork to space, it is essential that whatever colors, patterns and hues you choose work with the overall personality of the space.

One of the most common mistakes we see when a living space is being styled with cushions and knitted throws is most people like to play it safe. Leave the large living room items like sofas to be the large blocks of neutral tones, if the cushions are also a similar tone, you’ll have a washed out effect occur throughout the space.

Add in some bright pastels, and some bold gold tones to really bring out the personality in the space. If you are feeling really adventurous perhaps even a velvet embroidered or some velvet knit cushions.

Whatever choice you end up pursuing, try to pair the bold colours/patterns back to an artwork or rug in the space. This will give the area a really cohesive feel. As with all Canningvale branded products, these are covered by our 5-year warranty against manufacturing faults.