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How To Keep Sand Out Of Your Home

How To Keep Sand Out Of Your Home

There are a lot of wonderful things about summer, but sand in the home isn’t one of them. The gritty residue of time at the beach has a way of making its way in to every nook and cranny, from the seams of the sofa to the grout of the bathroom tiles. This ability to implant itself into the fabric of your home makes sand one of summer’s most unwelcome visitors. If you’d rather make sand something you only find at the beach, keep reading: we have the low-down on how to keep sand out of your home with just a few simple steps.

Step 1: Use sand-resistant beach towels

The average beach towel is excellent at catching sand, especially when wet. While a firm shake at the beach usually gets rid of the more obvious patches, it’s almost inevitable that there’ll be a good handful of grains worked in to the fabric, ready to come loose as soon as the towel makes its way inside your home. Break out of this sandy cycle by buying some of our cotton velour beach towels. They’re soft, absorbent, generously sized and - most importantly - sand repellent. Just make sure you lay them velour side down and their clever construction will do the rest.

Canningvale Beach Towels

Step 2: Opt for mesh beach bags

Days at the beach are best if you’re well-prepared, armed with a hat, sunscreen, reading material, cold water and snacks. Unless you’re some sort of super-dextrous strongman, you’ll need a bag to keep all your bits and pieces in. While we like the look of straw beach bags and striped linen as much as the next person, mesh beach bags are the best choice when it comes to combatting sand, thanks to the holes in the fabric which ensure grains don’t get stuck inside and make their way into your home. Just give the bag a solid shake or a rinse before you step inside and voila! Any pesky sand is gone.

Step 3: Clean feet outside

If you haven’t already, consider making foot washing a mandatory post-beach activity at your place. Feet are full of all sorts of hidey holes for sand, like cuticles, rough skin and those hard-to-reach places between toes. Depending on your home and budget, you can facilitate foot washing with a range of methods, from an outdoor shower to a well-placed tap, or even a full watering can and wooden bath mat by the front door. Just in case the rinse doesn’t get rid of all the sand, also consider investing a little money in the right kind of doormat. Look for a rope fabrication with a strong weave that will trap grains of sand and keep them from reattaching to your feet.

Step 4: Designate an offloading zone

The final offensive play in the battle against sand revolves around creating a home for your beach gear. While - if you’ve followed the steps above - you should be almost sand-free when you get back from the beach, there’s an inevitable grain or two that will have burrowed somewhere deep into your belongings or be stuck somewhere on your person. To prevent these determined grains from making their way into the key areas of your home, set up an offloading zone. It could be a corner of your garage, part of your laundry, or a clever storage rack on an outside wall. Wherever it is, ideally it will have a hard floor and be a low-traffic area, rendering it easy to clean and unlikely to be a source of sand spreading. While your swimmers and beach towels should go in the wash or on the clothesline ( read our guide to beach towel care here ) once you’re back from the surf, other items like boards, kids toys, hats, thongs and beach bags need a home, and this is where your offloading zone comes in. Depending on where your zone is, use it as a temporary home for items as they dry off or a more permanent, seasonal home. The latter is a great idea if you go to the beach often, as you’ll have easy access to all the things you need to take with you.

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