Bamboo Sheets - Naturally Hypoallergenic Bamboo Sheet Sets



Bamboo is one of the most eco-friendly materials out there. It’s fast growing, requires no pesticides, gets all the water it needs from natural rainfall. It’s also carbon neutral and biodegradable, so when it does come time to dispose of your sheets, you can rest assured they won’t hang around in landfill for years on end.

Bamboo bedlinen has a silky soft, buttery feel providing a luxurious base for a good night’s sleep. Because bamboo fibres are made without any chemical treatment, they’re naturally smoother and rounder with nothing to irritate the skin.

Bamboo sheets are perfect for year-round use, keeping you cool and sweat-free in summer and nice and toasty in winter. Despite being incredibly soft, bamboo is a strong fibre that lasts the test of time. Studies have shown it’s both stronger and more resistant to elongation than cotton, meaning not only will bamboo sheets last longer but also better hold their shape. In short, you can be sure your sheets will look just as good and fit your bed just as well on their hundredth use as they did on their first.