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Bath Mats

Canningvale's Luxury Bath Mat online ranges are designed to complement and coordinate with all of our towel sets and core collections.

Choosing a bathmat for your bathroom can be a little more complicated than initially first thought, as they can play a significant role in shaping the look and feel of your bathroom, laundry or kitchen space.

Before deciding on what type of bath mat you’d like to purchase, measure out the area that you will be using it. The last thing you want is a mat that feels too big, and that doesn’t sit flat around your bathroom fixtures or one that feels too small that it looks out of place and won’t capture enough water splashes.

After you’ve worked out the size that you need comes the colours. When it comes to home décor, in our experience a lot of people don’t consider the bath mat as a piece to show off their unique style.

If your bathroom opens up to your master bedroom or your powder room is right near your living room, it really gives you a chance to match the home décor style back throughout the house to create a holistic and seamlessly styled home.

At Canningvale, we tend to favour solid colours rather than bright, exotic designs; however, both type of bath mats has a time and a place. In general, it is safer to go with solid colours for anything over 50x80cm, as an exotic print on anything more extensive than that may overpower the room’s feel. Our luxury bath mats are all single colour, soft and thick, and are available in a variety of both traditional and seasonal colours.

Buy yours online today, as with all Canningvale products; these bath mats are covered by our 5 year manufacturing warranty.