Wash Cloths - Plush & Lush Luxury Face Towels

Face Washers

As is the case with all our towels, you can expect an exceptional and premium quality from Canningvale's face washers. Each item in this collection is so soft, making it suitable for all ages including babies. Crafted with durability in mind, our face washers are guaranteed to offer years of enjoyment.

You want only the best of the best for your face. At Canningvale, we understand this need. And so, we have endeavoured to make your face-washing routine a considerably more enriching and pleasant experience by crafting luxury washcloths.

Complete your morning and end your day in the most luxurious way with our ultra-soft face washers towel. Our face can be so delicate so we engineered our face washers in a way that can help you achieve a soft cleanse when you wake up or just before bed. 

Our luxury washcloths are also available in different range and on-trend colours that suit your specific taste. Plus, our face washers are made from the finest materials such as Extra Long Staple Cotton.

Feel free to browse through the various options online now to find the style and colour that suits your specific taste. Make sure not to miss out on other types of premium quality towels too including bath towels, hand towels and bath sheets.