Hand Towels - Soft & Highly Absorbent Hand Towels for Sale

Hand Towels


Canningvale's hand towels come in a few different sizes depending on your individual needs. For decades, we have engineered Australia's favourite bath towels and our luxury hand towels will not disappoint. These high-quality products are soft to the touch and extremely absorbent.

The Royal Splendour Hand Towel Range is made of 100% cotton, which guarantees superior quality. These hand towels have been manufactured in such a way that the weave and construction of the towel offer maximum absorbency. These are also highly durable and offer the perfect blend of opulence and value.

The Egyptian Royale Towel Range, meanwhile, is made from premium quality Extra Long Staple Egyptian cotton. These towels are lighter and dry fast, without sacrificing absorbency and quality. Similarly, the Aria Luxury Hand Towel Range is crafted with 100% Extra Long Staple Cotton. This guarantees incredible softness, durability and absorption. 

We also have the Tribu Bamboo Cotton Hand Towel which will surely bring a pop of sophistication to your bathroom or laundry.  The combination of superior fibres makes for the most incredibly soft handle imaginable. The exceptional absorbency ensures your hands will be dry in an instant, so they won’t be left feeling damp.  

Browse our selection of hand towels online now – you are sure to find something that suits your taste and style. Make sure not to miss out on other types of premium quality towels too including bath towels, bath sheets and face washers.