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Take a Load Off With Canningvale’s tips on How To keep Your Towels Feeling Fresh

There’s nothing more satisfying than wrapping yourself in a large, fluffy towel after stepping out of the shower. Yet have you noticed your towels are losing that consistency after just one wash?

Canningvale’s towel collections feature 100% Cotton towels. And because we love softness just as much as you do, we wanted to give you the insider scoop to preserve your new towels, keep them fluffier for longer and make sure you’re minimising the amount of bacteria growing in your bathroom. Take a load off - or should we say put a load on - with these tips.

With Canningvale towels, less is more

Do you measure your detergent? Whether it’s liquid or powder, a high percentage of us don’t take the time to correctly measure the amount needed per wash. This ends up being a detriment, especially if you tip in that little bit extra in your next load. Like washing conditioner out of your hair, the more you use, the longer it takes to rinse out.

Yet with a standard laundry cycle, your machine isn’t anticipating a longer rinse which ends up leaving your towels not quite clean as they’ve been weighed down with extra product. The experts at Canningvale recommend always reading the detergent instructions for your washing load. It may take an extra minute or two, but your towels will thank you.

On that same note, if your towel has gone stiff during it’s latest round in the wash, don’t automatically reach for extra fabric softener to help spruce it back up. Adding extra softeners may damage your towel’s fibers, making them less supple and more scratchy a lot quicker than regular wear and tear.

Opt for a cold water wash

After learning how much bacteria live on our towels, you might be tempted to run your Canningvale towels through on hot. Please don’t! Instead, save the planet and save the integrity of your towel’s structure by opting for a cold wash.

This will prevent the seams from shrinking, the colour from fading and will work harder to remove stains. Wherever possible, wash your towels separately. Rough fabrics and zippers could cause premature piling.

Dry your towels like nature intended

Another helpful tip to preserve the longevity of your Canningvale cotton bath towels is not to overdo it in the dryer. For the best outcome, hang them out and let them dry naturally. Either that, take them out before the cycle completes and let them finish drying outside. If you’re using a tumble dryer, make sure to skip the dryer sheet as this will impact the absorbance of your linen over the course of its life.

Trying to up the fluff? Drop a tennis ball into your dryer. This works as an agitator, creating soft and fluffy towels. Abide by this life-hack for hotel-worthy towels, every time.

How often should you wash your new Canningvale’s 100% cotton towels

Your body is your temple, which is why you cleanse it regularly. But how often do you extend that to your towels? As you dry off post-shower, you’re actually rubbing off a layer of dead skin cells onto your towel. Then left to dry, this damp towel becomes the perfect breeding ground for bacteria. The longer the towel is left, the more opportunities bacteria have to multiply! Then, the next time you dry off, you’re rubbing all those germs over your body through tiny breaks in the skin. Although the chance of infection is very minimal, it’ll make you look at your lovely new towel in a whole different light.

To help maintain your towels softness, while also reducing the amount of germs, you should aim to wash your towels once every two or three days. Any longer than that, and your fresh, new towel is at risk of going grungy. If you’re prone to skin conditions like acne, you should think about washing your towels every time as the bacteria can lead to more breakouts.

Add a little BWC - Between Wash Care

Now that you’ve got the gist of how to take care of them during the washing cycle, we wanted to impart a bit of advice on what to do in-between. To cut down on the bacteria that makes your towel droop, don’t fold it when you leave it to dry. 

Spread the love over the whole towel rack. The more surface area which is open to air, the better it will dry.

Laundry Tip: 

If you’re worried about musty smells, just add half a cup of baking powder to the wash. This will help freshen up your towels and ensure they stay in pristine condition for longer.  

We at Canningvale, aim to recapture the soul that exists in the homewares we sell. Our aim is to provide a human element to your home, which is why we want you to love your towels and use these curated tips to preserve the integrity of your linens. Visit our online store to see our range of handcrafted decor or become a member and be the first to know about new products, store news and Canningvale events.

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