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CoziCotton™ Flannelette 100% Cotton Bed Linen Collection

Canningvale's CoziCotton™ Flannelette Sheet Sets have been crafted with a singular purpose, to create the softest and most fluffy sheet set ever. Made from 100% brushed cotton with a plush 180gsm, this delightfully thick material has a supple cotton finish that will keep you comfortable and cosy, even on the coldest night’s. There are a range of classic colours to choose from, all designed to suit a wonderful winter palette. Shop online today and discover why our flannelette has been a favourite for generations.

  • 100% Brushed Cotton
  • Warm & Cosy
  • 180 GSM
  • Soft Touch
Nothing keeps you feeling warm and cosy better than flannelette sheets; and the best of them in my experience, have come from Canningvale.

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At Canningvale, we want you to be 100% satisfied with your purchase. To ensure you end up with the product that is right for you, we offer several peace of mind guarantees. Shop online today with confidence knowing that our friendly customer service team are available to answer any questions you have.

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Better Cotton Initiative

Canningvale is a proud member of the Better Cotton Initiative (BCI); the world’s largest cotton sustainability program. Cotton is present in almost 95% of all Canningvale products sold globally, which in the coming year will equate to over 400 metric tonnes of Cotton fibre used.We believe that we have a responsibility to source our cotton in a way that minimises cottons environmental impact and social challenges associated with the cotton industry. For this reason, we have set an ambitious goal. By January 2020, 100% of cotton fibre and fabrics sourced for Canningvale products will be more sustainable fabrics.

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Better Cotton Initiative