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In our relentless pursuit of making luxury viably attainable, we are extending ourselves beyond the predictable, passionately crafting unique and special products that will enhance and complement our everyday lives.

Here in our new Canningvale beauty category, you will find products that are fit for purpose and incredibly cool. Like our anti-slip Beautysilks Silk Pillow Case Twin Sets, we welcome you to try them for yourself,  there is nothing like resting your tired head on a beautifully soft and lush silk pillow case after a long day at work. Or similarly, our luxury Beautysilks Silk Eye Masks offer an indulgence like no other allowing you to sleep or simply relax knowing your face and eyes are being surrounded by only the best quality silk. 

The products have each been designed to create the perfect sleeping environment for the beauty conscious, providing you with smooth, radiant skin while you sleep. The reasons to buy silk pillowcases are endless and we encourage you to experience them for yourself today.