Tea Towels

Canningvale’s tea towels however, are not your average kitchen tea towels. The Aussie Kitchen Tea Towels have been crafted and engineered to be tougher than your average kitchen tea towel, they are capable of absorbing, polishing, wiping up spills, cleaning off cutting boards, drying and polishing dishes and glasses, and even holding hot plates protecting your hands from being burnt.

Canningvale's Aussie Kitchen Cotton Tea Towels have been crafted from the finest cotton and come conveniently ribbon tied in a 2-pack set available to buy online today.

We all know that kitchens are full of appliances and utensils that help us do everything from cooking all the way through to cleaning up the dishes. Granted that some of these items and their importance is more obvious than others, however one of the most overlooked items in your kitchen I bet is your cotton terry tea towels.

At Canningvale, we really believe that kitchen terry towelling tea towels have heaps of uses and should really be considered a vital kitchen utensil themselves. Sometimes people refer to kitchen tea towels as chef towels, dish terry towels and terry tea towels, they are all quite similar in appearance usually prints and colours are the only thing that really differentiates them.

Made from highly absorbent 100% cotton terry towelling, with a veloured polishing surface on one side and an absorbent terry the other side. These tea towels are not only super practical but will also brighten your kitchen with their fun printed designs. Buy online today for yourself or as a gift.