Royal Splendour Collection

Canningvale’s new Royal Splendour Towel Collection is the result of a collective passion. To create the most simple and elegant towel possible by rationalising only the most essential components.

About Our Royal Splendour Collection

After 40 years of manufacturing some of the worlds best textiles, we have re-thought and re-made the Royal Splendour Towel Collection.


This began by starting with the softest raw fibre, we sourced the finest American Upland combed cotton yarn, with an average staple length of 28-32 millimetres and re-measured the tension between the weft, the warp and the pile. After achieving a near perfect balance for the weight and fibre, this enabled the towel to catch more moisture than any other towels in the market by transferring the water directly to its base for a far more efficient bathing experience.


The single 16 yarn count and unique pick to end ratio allows the absorption to be maximised whilst keeping the weight of the towel manageable yet thick. Canningvale’s towel collections has been bought all over the world by millions of people.

This year is the collection’s 30th year since its inception; our goal was to re-develop this towel so that it would allow you to re-define your bathing experience.