Bath Sheets

Canningvale's bath sheets are the epitome of luxury - offering extra width and length, allowing you to wrap yourself in superior comfort.

You can choose luxury bath sheets in three different ranges at Canningvale - Amalfitana collections, the Royal Splendour  and the Egyptian Royale. 

Our Royale bath sheets are 90cm x 170cm in size - boasting an extra 14cm of width, and 27cm in length, when compared to the queen bath towel. The other two ranges boast the same width, but are 10cm shorter in length.

The Royale bath sheets are available in eight elegant colour options, including: White, Angora, Fossil, Majolica Blue, Lavender Dust, Winter Sage, Mink and Artesian Blue. These pure cotton bath sheets weigh 700gsm, making them the thickest of our bath sheets.

Royal Splendour bath sheets, which measure 90cm x 160cm, also comes in eight colours: White, Steel, Indigo, Milky Blue, Burnt Orange, Moonbeam, Caribbean and Cobblestone. The bath sheets in this range weigh 620gsm and are 100% cotton. 

When choosing to buy bath sheets online through Canningvale, you can expect the highest quality products, exceptional service and excellent value for money.

Browse our product range online now and wrap yourself in the best bath sheets in Australia.

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