Face Washers

As is the case with all of our towels, you can expect an exceptionally soft that they are suitable for babies and durable product that will offer years of enjoyment.

Complete your morning in the most luxurious way with Canningvale's high quality face washers towel.

Face cloths are available across three luxury towel ranges, while they are also included in a number of special packs.

The Corduroy Rib Towel Range offers a modern design with vibrant colours - perfect for Spring and Summer. Colours in this range include Shell Pink, Ice Blue, Viridian, Citron and Turtledove, as well as White, Grey and Black. The face washers in this range are 33cm x 33cm and are 560gsm.

When opting for the Royal Splendour Towel Range, you can choose from eight face washer colour options: White, Steel, Indigo, Milky Blue, Burnt Orange, Moonbeam, Caribbean and Cobblestone. At 620gsm, these washcloths offer incredible comfort as well as value for money.

Our Royale Towel Range offerings are the same size, but offer superior luxury as they weigh in at 700gsm. Thick, plush and absorbent, these magnificent face cloths will brighten up your morning. Colours in this range are White, Angora, Fossil, Majolica Blue, Lavender Dust, Artesian Blue, Mink and Winter Sage.

Feel free to browse through the various options online now to find the style and colour that suits your specific taste.

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