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Royale Luxury Knit Throws

Canningvale’s Royale Luxury Knit Throw Collection has been skillfully crafted from premium 100% cotton, an investment piece designed for your enduring comfort and enjoyment, built to last for years to come. Try the Oceano, a thick chunky knit throw designed to create feelings of adventure and intimacy, much like the Adriatic Sea. Or our urban masterpiece Argento, inspired by Manhattan’s grid like structure and functional form designed to remind us that it’s ok to sit down and relax, if only for a moment, and escape the relentless pace of life. Our sophisticated and most intricately woven throw Artigiano, derives its unique look from the breathtaking sculptures surrounding the Mediterranean, a perfect companion for those windy Sumer days. Last but not least, everyone’s favourite, Valentini, a traditional and thick weave throw which reminds us all about those soft and warm blankets that our grandmothers used to make by hand, take yourself back in time with yours today.