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4 Questions You Should Ask Before Buying Towels

Posted by In-house Towels Expert on

So there's not much to know about towels, right? It's basically just a piece of fabric crafted from lots and lots of yarn to dry yourself off after a shower, bath or swim.

If you've found yourself saying the above, we'd bet you haven't had a good look at the huge range on offer at Canningvale, we've been making towels for over 40 years, so we know a thing or two. And we're not just talking about bath towels versus beach towels - there are  extra large beach towels perfect for two peoplewaffle weave bath towels, and we could go on and on. Because we just love towels.

So, with so much to know, we've decided to raise a few questions about towels that you may not even have known need a good answer.

1. Why buy a lightweight towel?

When it comes to quickly and effectively drying yourself, you might think the thicker, more absorbent and heavier the better. Without going into too much detail, this is certainly not the case, different types of terry weaves will absorb better than others, and different yarn qualities will also affect water absorbency and drying efficiency.

But consider this: maybe you're a gym or swimming aficionado and you just want something lightweight for your bag that will do the job and not weigh you down. Or you may not have a very well ventilated bathroom, which can be a massive health hazard! In a nutshell, a lightweight towel will dry more quickly and not retain so much water - which is perfect for putting back into your bag if you are in a rush.

So there's a towel for every occasion,  you can shop Canningvale's lightweight Corduroy Rib Towel Range here!

Canningvale corduroy rib bath towel range

2. How much fabric softener should I use?

So perhaps you've shopped at Canningvale and got yourself one of the  best cotton bath towels on the market. You want it to stay absorbent and attractive but also soft - so how much fabric softener should you use when you wash it? A double hit just to be sure?

The answer is definitely not. You should never, and I mean NEVER use fabric softener with your towels. It kills the absorbency and will shorten the life of the product, as it can cause faster degradation to the over towel.

no fabric softener on towels

3. How should I store my towels?

The truth is, there's no right or wrong answer to this one. Some people like to roll them, some fold them, some stack them.

But if you want to get really creative, there are lots of amazing ways you can present your towels. Ever got to a five-star hotel and found a crisp towel expertly folded into the shape of a swan at the end of the bed?  We highly recommend you give it a try! or check out our post about wrap battle!.

4. Can I really give a towel as a present?

Oh, you sure can! Many people might write off the idea that a humble towel can make a thrilling gift, but there are actually plenty of novel options that will thrill your gift recipient and be a great talking point - like a  bamboo bath towel set that looks and feels amazing.

Canninvale cotton bamboo 4 piece bath towel set

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