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4 Tips on How to Navigate the Change of Seasons with the Right Bedding

Posted by The Canningvale Team on

Spring has finally sprung, putting barbeques, beach days and afternoon rosés back on the agenda. As well as allowing us to get reacquainted with some of our favourite outdoor activities, the warmer months provide the perfect opportunity to refresh our wardrobes, swapping coats for cardigans, boots for sandals and beanies for wide-brims. Our beds also need an outfit change, but varying spring temperatures can make it difficult to pick the right night to pack away the flannelette sheets and thick winter doona for good, either leaving us sleep deprived and sweaty or decidedly chilly. Learn how to navigate the change of seasons like a pro with these useful tips.

Canningvale - Sogno Linen Cotton Sheet Set

Tip #1: Know your temperatures

Studies have shown that 18 degrees is the ideal ambient temperature for sleep - unless you’re someone who loves to pile on the blankets, in which case you should aim for 16 degrees. If this seems cold, remember that our core temperature needs to drop by two to three degrees to initiate sleep; something which explains why we feel so restless on hot summer nights.

If you have air-conditioning in your bedroom, achieving the right temperature is as easy as pressing a few buttons. If you’re relying on windows, a fan and the whims of Mother Nature, you’ll need a slightly more considered approach. This is where knowing how to adjust your bedding for the seasons comes in handy, choosing the right fabrics and layering accordingly. As it happens, this is an excellent segue for tip number two.

Tip #2: Know your fabrics

It’s no secret that synthetic fabrics aren’t a good match for warmer nights. We tend to sweat quite a lot as we sleep, thanks to the fact our bodies are busily trying to keep us cool. Synthetic fabrics can’t absorb this moisture, causing us to wake up hot and sweaty, even if the air temperature is relatively mild. In addition, synthetic fabrics can be rougher on our skin and have been shown to cause more allergies than their natural counterparts; something which can be particularly problematic in spring when we’re already battling against the influx of pollen that comes with the new season.

The best thing you can do for your sleeping self as the weather warms up is invest in a  linen sheet set. Linen is one of the best fabrics around when it comes to regulating temperature, thanks to its breathable fibres and ability to wick sweat away from your body. It helps keep you at a steady temperature no matter what the weather or how hot or cold you sleep, which is ideal for couples who find themselves on opposite ends of the temperature spectrum. If you need any more convincing that linen is the way to go this spring, you should know it gets softer with every wash and is almost twice as durable as cotton.

Tip #3: Embrace layers

Canningvale Sogno Linen Blend Blanket

You probably wouldn’t pair a t-shirt with your ski jacket to get you through the average winter’s day (and if you did, chances are you’d spend a significant amount of time taking it off and putting it on again, muttering progressively unkind things about its function) so why rely on just one blanket or doona when it comes to your bedding? The temperature can vary a lot throughout spring, both between days and over the same stretch of night time hours, so relying on a cover-all layer of warmth for your bed will most likely result in some pretty poor nights’ sleep. Try topping your sheets with a linen blend blanket and a lightweight quilt. Pull both up on cooler nights, shed the quilt during warmer ones and if summer decides to come early, try sleeping with the blanket untucked and folded at the foot of the bed. This way it’s within easy reach if you need it and you’re also able to stick your feet out the sides (something which is proven to help lower your core temperature) if the mercury is sitting annoyingly between sheet and blanket weather.

Canningvale Sogno Linen Blend Blanket

Tip #4: Consider your sleepwear

Now you’ve got your bedding right, it’s time to look at your sleepwear. As we’ve already discussed, our core temperature needs to drop in order for us to get to sleep: it also needs to stay low for us to sleep well, meaning regulating our body temperature is one of the best ways to ensure we wake up feeling refreshed. The good news is that sleeping without pyjamas naturally regulates body temperature by allowing perspiration to evaporate more quickly, thus keeping us cool. If that same perspiration is trapped in your PJs, you’ll overheat and wake up.

On the other end of the spectrum, you can also add to your bedtime attire to help you sleep better on chillier nights. Our hands and feet are key when it comes to regulating body temperature so if you find yourself feeling a bit cold on a gusty spring evening, whip out your winter bed socks for a quick and easy solution.

So there you have it: all the handy tips you need to navigate spring’s rising temperatures most effectively and ensure a good night’s sleep. Hopefully, with just a few small changes, you’ll be enjoying some of the best sleeps you’ve ever had, waking up bright-eyed and bushy-tailed every morning. 

Sogno Linen Cotton Sheet Set

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